Happy Halloween, Part 1

During this most haunted and horrific time of year, when we celebrate the spooky, morbid, and terrifying elements of history and culture, we would never want to neglect our favorite gaming hobby. At Legendary Games, we are very excited about our current products and the future releases in preparation now, including not only our Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins like Neil Spicer’s Imperial Heroes and Clinton Boomer and Jason Nelson’s upcoming collaboration entitled Meditations of the Imperial Mystics, to say nothing of our next line of Adventure Path Plug-Ins to follow that is already in the works.

That said, we are never too far down the road that we never look back, and more than one ghostly whisper has come to our ears, calling out and begging–nay, DEMANDING–more products from the macabre minds and insane imaginations at Legendary Games in the realm of Gothic horror. Fear not; for we have heard your darkling call, and we obey…

Without further preamble or pontification, Legendary Games is proud to announce our latest and perhaps greatest Gothic Adventure Path Plug-In, The Necrotic Verses and Other Tales, conjured into hideous life through the deranged scrivenings of Clinton J. Boomer, Jason Nelson, and no less a personage than our illustrious founder, Clark Peterson!

Writing is in progress, and our hope is to have the product ready to release by the end of November. If you loved the Tomes of Arcane Knowledge, you will love The Necrotic Verses and Other Tales, under penalty of death! Look for it, because it will definitely be looking for you!


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