Greek Monsters, Forest HeroLab, and More!

On this MYTHIC MONDAY we are pleased to present the latest legion of legendarily lethal beasts: Mythic Monsters: Greek right now! From fantastic fey like dryads, fauns, and oceanids to menacing mythic monstrosities like the mythic chimera, gorgon, scylla, and charybdis, you’ll find a truly awesome assortment of allies and adversaries, plus new magic items inspired by Jason and the Argonauts like the golden fleece and yoke of the brazen bull! You can get this new book right now at the Legendary Games webstoreOpen Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!

Meanwhile, the fantastic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project keeps on climbing those trees, now over 550% funded with ANOTHER stretch goal adding to its burgeoning bestiary! Next up we have a brand-new section on Faerie Bargains, the concluding chapter in the faerie trilogy (along with Faerie Passions and Faerie Mysteries) at $24,000, even more monsters at $26,000, and then on to SECRET PROJECTS!!! You can check out the latest update right here!

This Kickstarter ends NEXT MONDAY at 8:59 PM Pacific time, so don’t miss it. Keep spreading the word and bringing new heroes #IntoTheForest! 

We’re also rapidly closing in on new chapters of the Mythic Monsters series, with Mythic Monsters: Fey awaiting a final bit of artwork, and the design for Mythic Monsters: South Pacific nearly done as well, with art orders going out tonight! A number of projects that will be part of the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium will also be available for sale as standalone PDFs, for those who want to pick them up individually, including Forest Archetypes, Royal Tournaments, and Faerie Bargains, and we also have even more adventures and archetypes closing in on completion, including a pair of new Legendary Beginnings adventures and more material for the Winter, Horror, Red Queen, and Righteous Crusade product lines!

There is so much more coming your way soon from LG!