Gothic Heroes NOW AVAILABLE at!

Come and get them! Gothic pregens for your campaign.

Want PCs with some gothic flavor? Whether you are a player in the recent gothic-themed adventure path and you want adventures designed specifically to succeed in those adventures, or whether you are playing in your home campaign and just want some gothic inspired fun, or even if you are a busy GM looking for some great NPCs, this product is for you!

Written by Neil Spicer and the Legendary Games Design Team, these pregens are created by the very people who write the Paizo adventure paths!

8 fully fleshed out, rules legal (and 20 point buy builds, so they are Pathfinder Society legal with a few minor tweaks) pregens.

Amazing art by Hugo Solis.

In several versions, all included: full color, white with color ink, or you can print in black and white.

Includes cut out stand up cardboard minis.

Check it out at!

For more info, see the Paizo store post. And for previews of the art check some of the other recent news posts here on the Legendary Games site.





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