Get The Dragon’s Hoard for 5E Friday! Plus Quickstarter coming!

We are excited to unveil our new monthly DnD 5E anthology series, The Dragon’s Hoard, with each beautiful full-color issue jam-packed with new monsters, magic items, spells, and more! Every month you’ll find dozens of new options beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash on your players! In this month’s features you’ll find:

• The Treasure Trove, featuring magnificent magic items like the burning skull mace, blade of the black desert, wand of visibility, and cuirass of miracles! 
• Basker’s Books, featuring new spells for almost every 5E spellcaster like deathless defenders, invisibility well, haunted ruin, and spellguard watchtower! 
• Marvelous Monsters, featuring killer creatures across every challenge level like the bogeyman, glisterfae, and ioun golem!
Grab a copy today in PDF and print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!



Fans of our Legendary Loot Patreon can get all of this material and more special offers, with brand-new content posted every single day, as well as a monthly subscription to this killer compilation, but now everyone can get this fantastic material in PDF and print every month! Become a Patron today for as little as $3 per month! Plus, keep your eye out for Legendary Loot Magic Item Cards coming your way soon!

Last but not least, we are preparing for our next crowdfunding project coming your way soon, our first Quickstarter – a short-run two-week Kickstarter for the 74-page Mythos Monsters bestiary of all things Lovecraftian! This hefty tome with over 40 eldritch abominations and mythos minions like the deep ones, faceless stalkers, and the hideous hybrid blood of Yog-Sothoth alongside inhuman horrors like shantaks, gugs, nightgaunts, and the hounds of Tindalos, or terrifying titans like bholes, primal shoggoths, and flying polyps. Their unfathomable plots are guided by monstrous masters like the mi-go, elder things, and denizens of Leng, or even two of the Great Old Ones themselves in dread Cthulhu and Hastur the Unspeakable. Plus, you’ll find tools and templates to turn ordinary monsters into pseudonatural xenoid monstrosities, with options for epic variants! This terrific tome of terror has finished layout and is complete and ready for release as soon as the Quickstarter concludes. No waiting, no fuss, no muss. As soon as the project closes, PDFs go out. As soon as we collect everyone’s information, we send orders to the printer and they start prepping your books for shipment to you!  

The Stars are Right! What could be a better send-off for a catastrophic year like 2020 than to invoke the wrath of the Great Old Ones and the horrifying things from beyond the stars to come down and unleash their power on your campaign! Kickstarter preview page coming soon! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn!!!