First-Quarter Product Schedule for Legendary Games

As we come to the end of a very successful 2013 for Legendary Games, we want to look ahead as well to the terrific products we have coming your way! We’ve already laid out the first 10 of our weekly Mythic Minis products, but what else can you expect to see coming down the pike? You will find below our planned product schedule for the first quarter of 2014. We will soon be putting up product information pages for your reference and so that you can preorder upcoming products, and by the end of January we hope to have our subscription system in place for those that want to get on the Legendary bus for every stop along the way on their favorite product lines (color-coded for your convenience)!


January 2014

Far East Campaign Compendium – This PDF compilation for our Kickstarter backers, incorporating all six of the existing Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins – Imperial Heroes, The Way of Ki, Meditations of the Imperial Mystics, Road to Destiny, The Baleful Coven, and Under Frozen Stars.

Kingdom-Building Campaign Compendium This PDF compilation for our Kickstarter backers, incorporating all six of the existing Kingdom-Building Adventure Path Plug-Ins Conquering Heroes, Faerie Passions, Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary, Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex, Horns of the Hunted, and Cold Mountain.

Mythic Monsters: Inner Planes by Jonathan Keith – featuring mythic noble genies and ghuls and alien outsiders both elemental and ethereal, from the mythic mercane to the mythic salamander and xorn, plus the brand-new liminal hound!

Mythic Monsters: Abyssal by Tom Phillips, Jason Nelson, and Alistair Rigg – featuring chaotic evil abyssal abominations from outside the demon family proper, from mythic qlippoths and demodands to mythic bebiliths and howlers, including the brand-new ylrygoi!

Ultimate War by Jason Nelson – a further expansion of the kingdom-building and mass combat rules, incorporating aerial and naval combat, siege warfare, mercenaries, combined arms unit construction, and sample armies for a variety of adventure scenarios.

Unrighteous Villains by Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer, and Nicholas Logue – eight delightfully detailed demon-flavored adversaries to spice up your Righteous Crusade Adventure Path, or any campaign where chaotic evil corruption lurks in the shadows.


February 2014

Fey Impulses by Todd Stewart, Jason Nelson, and Alistair Rigg – an expansion to the hit Faerie Passions, bringing an assortment of mechanical methods for warping the waking world of mortals through the mystical and mysterious influence of the fey.

Islands of Plunder by Matt Goodall – The first product in our Pirate AP Plug-Ins, this product provides a wealth of locales for adventure and exploration throughout the deadly and dangerous pirate islands, including crews and captains for use as allies or enemies.

Mythic Monsters: Sea Monsters by Jason Nelson – featuring deadly and dangerous denizens of the deep, from the mythic sea serpent and dragon turtle to the great white whale and the mythic kraken.


March 2014

Legendary Tournaments by Jason Nelson – presenting an array of magnificent competitive events for your fantasy festivals, including mock combats like jousting and archery but also all manner of other athletic endeavors and displays of showmanship both magical and mundane.

Mythic Monsters: Undead by Tom Phillips – featuring a dozen and one deathless doombringers, from the mythic wraith and witchfire to the mythic ghoul, ghast, and demilich, as well as the brand-new jigsaw man.

Pirate Gallery by Jason Nelson – your own mini-monster manual of nautical nemeses for your campaign, ready-made stat blocks galore for individual pirates of every rank and specialty, as well as whole crews set up using the troop subtype.

Treasury of the Crusade by Jason Nelson – a collection of 30 brand-new magical items perfect for use in your Righteous Crusade Adventure Path or any campaign of questing against the demon horde or in blasted lands once beautiful but now become desolate wastes. Equip your character with the crown of holly or the scepter of the pole star, light up a candle of the angels, or let the bell of celestial carols ring out its sacred song!

Plus one more mythterious project we’ll be starting up, kicking it into gear so to speak…


Since we are a small operation, it is always possible that we might switch a product’s place in line if one product gets done earlier or later than expected, but that’s our planned schedule for January through March, in addition to our weekly Mythic Minis. It is ambitious, but Legendary Games is ready to take another evolutionary step forward, and we look forward to bringing you a metric ton of awesomesauce in the year to come!