TWO$DAY Special: Ancient Tombs

This week’s TWO$DAY deal celebrates October with a visit to the graves where the dead lie entombed, and sometimes not quietly! We want to give a shout-out in honor of Endzeitgeist’s recent 5-star-seal-of-approval review of the amazing Ancient Tombs by Alex Riggs, Anthony Adam, Jason Nelson, and Loren Sieg with spectacular savings on on this awesome accessory! You can read his full review above, but in summary he says:

Alex Riggs, Anthony Adam, Jason Nelson and Loren Sieg deliver in this pdf BIG TIME. This is a book I frankly didn’t exactly know what to expect of at first; then, it suddenly dawned on me – this is one the glorious book that I like to call “GM-enhancers.” It begins with context and inspiration and then proceeds to deliver details, useful tidbits etc. – this is, in short, a book specifically designed to enhance lackluster modules, to fill in blanks. If you needed a great representation of an evocative concept, if you need a good trap or critter to splice into a module – well, there you go. This book is a veritable treasure trove of fantastic ideas, concisely codified details. And better yet, these aspects are not just fluff; quite the contrary. Delicious crunch, expertly-crafted, married to a wide assortment of cool tricks and tools of the trade, renders this book a must-own recommendation for pretty much any GM who is looking for a means to enliven and enrich tomb exploration, even beyond the confines of Mummy’s Mask. In short: This is amazing. 5 stars + seal of approval for this all killer, no filler tome.

Grab this fantastic PDF at 70% off this week for just 2 dollars!


Ancient Tombs provides a wealth of knowledge to enhance your Pathfinder campaign wherever your heroes are delving into the funereal grounds and burial chambers of the ancient dead. You’ll find within a detailed exploration of tombs of all types from both history and fantasy, with tables and detailed descriptions to create tomb treasures of every kind, from the ransacked graves of peasants to the pyramids of kings! Of course, tombs should not go unguarded, and you’ll find tomb hazards like the hungry sarcophagus and pharaoh’s fall trap, alongside guardian creatures like the grave warden and mummified zombie templates and an encyclopedic assortment of graven guardians suited to every deific domain. You’ll also find a dozen new tomb-focused spells and feats, from Bind the Ancient Dead and Sleeper in Dust to lost in the sands and pharaoh’s binding. Whether it’s a lonely grave or a sprawling necropolis, Ancient Tombs is an indispensable resource to bringing your burial grounds to life! Grab this 36-page Pathfinder product today and Make Your Game Legendary!