TWO$DAY Special: Beneath the Festered Sun

This week’s TWO$DAY deal celebrates the arcane awesomeness of an eldritch Egypt, investigating the dusty back alleys and crumbling ruins of a long-fallen empire of the ancients where the accursed dead cannot forever sleep with Beneath the Festered Sun by Pedro Coelho, available for both 5th Edition and Pathfinder! Check out the fabulous 5-star-seal-of-approval review from Endzeitgeist, who says,

From the curses to the places visited, this very much breathes this ephemeral spirit of Swords and Sorcery; this module would work well in the Hyborian Age, Gygax’s Khemit or similar environments – the overall aesthetics and themes utilized are captivating, unique and fun. The mythology evoked resonates well with concepts of our very own ancient cultures…and I should not fail to mention that the author also seems to be a truly superb cartographer: Absolutely gorgeous full-color pieces, both with keys and key-less versions, are provided for GM and players…  it provides a great change of pace; the production values are glorious, the writing is precise, the supplemental information copious. I read this but once and ran it without any hassle and the guidance for GMs less accustomed to prolonged social interactions between PCs and NPCs further helps in establishing this as a great, evocative module.

You can check Endzeitgeist’s full review right here, or you could just grab this fantastic PDF  at nearly 80% off this week for just 2 dollars – get the 5E version here and the Pathfinder version here!

The Dead Sun Rises! 

When a heretical priestess met execution at the hands of conspirators, her immortal consort vowed to carry out her dying curse. Now, after centuries of plotting and waiting, the sky and stars have aligned perfectly to finally unleash her long-simmering revenge. Amidst the excitement over this celestial conjunction, a lone voice proclaiming the coming danger is mysteriously silenced and the wrath of the burning sun smites the population with a scorching curse. The authorities are overwhelmed, but can your heroes forestall this agonizing vengeance set in motion ages ago? To save the soul of a city, they must confront its past and its present to save its future, destroying the accursed avatars of a long-dead enemy—all before the twilight of the Festered Sun.


Beneath the Festered Sun is a 3rd-level adventure available for both 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Set in a fantastic Egyptian-style kingdom long since fallen into decay and corruption, it features a blend of dungeons to explore, mysteries to unravel, and interludes of intrigue and battle alike in and around the necropolis of Owot-ti, with opportunities for characters of every kind to shine. Unleash this awesome 36-page-adventure on your heroes and Make Your Game Legendary!