TWO$DAY Special: Mythic Monsters: Halloween

This week’s TWO$DAY deal celebrates the season in October with a perfect product to add a touch of horror wish a dash of whimsicality with a dozen and one frightfully festive fiends for your Pathfinder game, plus amusing and awful Halloween-themed bonus feats and magic items. Check out Endzeitgeist’s 5-star-seal-of-approval review; you can read his full review above, but in summary he says:

Jason Nelson and Steven T. Helt of the four horsemen joined forces for this supplement and the two designers complement each other really well regarding design aesthetics and narrative voice. We have some glorious supplemental material and A LOT of those really hard to design low VR/MR mythic foes. Why “hard to design”? Well, you want to go mythic, obviously, but at the same time, you need to capture the essence of the respective critters in a pretty simple manner…and this pdf does just that. Particularly Ravenloft games, low-level horror-scenarios and the like will greatly benefit from this file, as its builds make the critters work better as story-monsters, emphasize their unique natures and reward clever players. In short: This is an excellent installment of the impressive series, well worth a final verdict of 5 stars + seal of approval.

Grab this fantastic PDF at 70% off this week for just 2 dollars!

Tricks, Treats, and Terror!


Mythic Monsters: Halloween brings you an awesome assortment of autumnal enemies drawn from the legends and lore of Halloween and the harvest with a healthy dose of horror. You’ll find 15 monsters from CR 1 to 17, from simple bat swarms to disembodied body parts like floating beheaded, creeping crawling hands, and stitched-together carrion golems. The fruit of the harvest can be friendly or fearsome, from charming gourd leshies to murderous jack-o’-lanterns and deadly hangman trees. Some Halloween horrors are found in the dusty crannies of haunted houses, like the sinister soulbound doll or the anguished loneliness of the attic whisperer, or may stalk the shadowed lanes of civilized places stealing what others hold most dear like the silent shadow collector. Of course, beyond the trehshold of midnight treads the stuff of purest nightmare come to deadly unlife in the form of the crawling host of the deathweb or the entropic shadows of the soaring nightwing. As if over a dozen existing monsters were not enough, this book brings you two different torch-wielding mobs, from terrified villagers to terrorizing fanatics. In addition to the featured creatures, you’ll find mythic feats to help your heroes and villains become headless horsemen and ghost riders, as well as a quartet of whimsical treasures perfect for tricks and treats with the ghostly gossamer, goblin mask, witch’s broom, and sack of gluttony!