TWO$DAY Special: Legendary Kineticists I and II

This week’s TWO$DAY deal celebrates the recent fantastic seal-of-approval review for Legendary Kineticists II by the esteemed Endzeitgeist! He had a lot to say about this book, including his initial trepidation about the core mechanic of the new Legendary Kineticist class, but by the end he was singing the book’s praises.

There is a ton to love here, and indeed, I consider this to be one of the best kineticist expansions out there. There is a lot of creative, high-concept and high-difficulty material in this book. It is creative and manages to convey a surprising amount of flavor in its dense crunch. Indeed, in contrast to my expectations, in spite of the couple of hiccups regarding the counter/spellturn options, in spite of knowing that I wouldn’t like the cornerstone of the damn main selling point of the book, I still found myself enjoying this book. The spells, the little options here and there…there is so much passion evident here, even after so many kineticist books. This is, in short, a book I’d consider to be a must-have for kineticist-fans…  It made me smile with its ambition and skill, and as such, I’ll also slap my seal of approval on this. In case you were wondering: This, for me as a person, shares the throne of best kineticist supplement with Kineticists of Prophyra III.

You can read Endzeitgeist’s complete review at his site here, but in celebration we are offering not only Legendary Kineticists II as our TWO$DAY product of the week at 80% off – just $2 but we also are offering the amazing original, Legendary Kineticists with EIGHT 5-star reviews of its own, for 80% off at just $2 as well! Grab one or both and make your kineticists LEGENDARY!