FANTASTIC FALL PREVIEWS #9: Heroes on the high seas!

While the last preview hit on Cutthroats and Crew, this time around we’re hitting the heroic side of things with a look at the latest from superstar author Neil Spicer


This band of brave buccaneers continues the Legendary tradition of incredible depth of character development, innovative and flat-out fun character design, and superb integration of pregenerated characters in a style no one can match. If you’ve ever seen Neil Spicer’s work, you know how supremely meticulous he is with his design and attention to detail. These characters are no different, featuring an array of races, classes, and rules elements from across the Pathfinder codex, all knitted together with the plot-threads of the official Pirate Adventure Path but not bound to it, making them ideally suited as cohorts, allies, long-running rivals, or even characters to play from level one. If you haven’t checked out Neil’s work on Gothic Heroes, Conquering Heroes, Imperial Heroes, or Righteous Heroes, do yourself a favor and get them; they’re flat-out amazing. This book is the equal of any of them, with fantastic artwork by newcomer Bob Greyvenstein. I’ve leveled up a number of these PCs for pirate-themed convention games, and they work like a charm as both allies and enemies. Next preview will include a list of the eight characters within!