FANTASTIC FALL PREVIEWS #8: Blood in the water!

We’ve had a very busy couple of weeks here at Legendary Games, putting out an amazing ELEVEN products during the month of October and gearing up for many more to come throughout the months of November and December. The response to Ultimate Relationships and Imperial Relationships has been terrific, as is the anticipation for Legendary Villains: Antipaladins, which we hope to debut by the end of the week. We have a lot of Mythic Plug-In products coming, and we’ll have more to say about them in the next preview, but today I wanted to tease the latest in our Pirate Plug-Ins line!

Every girl crazy for a SHARK dressed man!

Every girl crazy for a SHARK dressed man!

Cutthroats and Crew is the second of three different NPC-focused products we have created, all of them ideal for use with the Pirate Adventure Path, of course, as well as any other setting where pirates play a role, from Frog God Games’ Razor Coast to whatever wild and woolly seas and shores populate your campaign world. The first of these products, the Pirate Codex, presented a collection of 30 pirate stat blocks, easy to drop into any nautical campaign as stock NPCs with innovative and interesting mechanics across a broad range of levels from low to high; essentially, a “bestiary”-like resource. The third in this series will be Neil Spicer’s Nautical Heroes, a collection of 8 intricately detailed characters ideally suited for use as cohorts, allies, long-running friends or rivals, or even replacement characters.

Cutthroats and Crew takes a different tack in its approach to characters, as it features richly developed characters that fulfill specific roles on a ship’s crew, and that would serve as ideal long-running NPCs in a nautical campaign, like Rukaia the tengu ship’s surgeon and Jenna Ironflame, the dwarven master gunner. They could become part of the PCs’ crew, either individually or together, or could become recurring characters in the campaign as the crew of a friendly pirate ship, the Seagrave’s Fang, as part of an open-ended series of adventures where they have attracted the wrath of a savage band of weresharks that now threaten every pirate crew with destruction… or forced enlistment in their band of briny barbarians!

Pirate campaigns offer so many great opportunities for interaction with friends and foes alike, and we think you’ll find Cutthroats and Crew a great addition to your seagoing saga! If all goes well, this should be available by the end of this week as well!