FANTASTIC FALL PREVIEWS #7: It ain’t just mythic at Legendary Games

Usually we do detailed previews here at Legendary Games, but for a change of pace I thought you might like more of a bullet point list. You know we’re continuing our ongoing series of mythic products as we move toward completion of our MYTHIC MANIA Kickstarter. We have weekly Mythic Minis, bringing you more mythic path abilities as well as mythic magic items. Mythic Spells will bring us Advanced Spells II and Legendary Spells and Spells of the Inland Seas, while we also have Mythic Monsters: Emissaries of Evil, Masters of Chaos, Lords of Law, Worms, Bugs, Colossal, Animals, and Plants!

But for many, it’s not about all that mythic stuff. I mean, that stuff is nice and all, but what else has Legendary Games got under the hood? I’m glad you asked.


Late October

Imperial Relationships

Ultimate Relationships

Ultimate Classes: Dark Druids



Nautical Heroes

Treasury of the Forest

Ultimate Classes: Antipaladins



Metal Heroes


Ultimate Technology


And more. Just wait and see…