FANTASTIC FALL PREVIEWS #3: More mythos, my malevolent master!

One product we’ve had on the drawing board for a while was a follow-up installment to the original Mythic Monsters: Mythos, one of our most popular books in the series and one near and dear to our hearts. We wanted to wait a bit initially, in order to include mythic versions of a bevy of creatures that were going to be appearing in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 4, so wait we did, and then we got busy with other projects, and the success of the MYTHIC MANIA Kickstarter pushed a lot of other projects to the front of the line, but fear not! These forbidding foes are very nearly here! - Mythic Monster - Mythos Too Cover

Many thanks to maestro Michael Jaecks for that bit of artwork that is terrible in all the right ways! Meanwhile, besides teasing the cover it seems like it’s only fair to give you a peek inside at the table of contents, right?




CR 3/MR 1      Mythic morlock

CR 3/MR 1      Mythic skum (ulat-kini)

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic nightgaunt

CR 6/MR 2      Mythic elder thing

CR 7/MR 3      Mythic eye of the deep

CR 7/MR 3      Mythic mi-go

CR 11/MR 4    Mythic yithian

CR 12/MR 5    Mythic colour out of space

CR 15/MR 6    Mythic spawn of Yog-Sothoth

CR 16/MR 6    Blackgate behemoth

CR 17/MR 7    Mythic flying polyp

CR 21/MR 8    Mythic bhole

CR 25/MR 10   Mythic star-spawn of Cthulhu

As for WTF a blackgate behemoth might be, you’ll need to wait for the next preview, but let me just say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, the illustration for this thing might be War and Peace