FANTASTIC FALL PREVIEWS #1: AVAST, the surviest scallywags to sail the seven seas!

As we are starting to move into fall, it’s time to start previewing some of our new products upcoming on the calendar, and in the wake of last month’s delightful “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and “Pieces of Eight” events, we wanted to share that we have a host of piratical products still coming your way!


The first of these is the Pirate Codex, featuring over 30 complete stat blocks for pirates from low-level swabbies and sailors to high-level black-bearded buccaneers, ranging in CR from 1/2 to 16, simply presented to provide simple pirates following the classical tropes, but there is great mechanical variety of classes and archetypes, from fighters and rogues to alchemists and gunslingers and even a few new pirates using rules from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide. Like some of our other Pirate AP Plug-Ins, this product includes some material that uses gunpowder weapons like firearms and cannon, but for those who prefer their fantasy pure and powderless the vast majority of the stat blocks you’ll find within will shine like pirate gold straight out of the treasure chest. This product will also contain a small section of new rules elements that can easily be added to pirate PCs and NPCs alike in your game, as well as links to online pirate-themed rules elements, and some of the characters presented herein will have more detailed histories and personalities, but for the most part this product is intended as an ideal resource for GMs running pirate-themed Pathfinder games who want to have fun, interesting, and different kinds of nautical adversaries to spring on their pirate PCs!


The Pirate Codex is scheduled to release in mid-October, probably Friday, October 17 if all goes well. Stay tuned for more fall previews just about every day! - Pcodexwebcover