Fall Previews #2: Mythic Monsters: Inner Planes

As promised, today we reveal the creatures crawling through the pages of the latest installment in our Mythic Monsters series! Populating the Inner Planes as well as the transitive planes that lie between, this product brings you the following mythic menaces:


CR/MR Creature

5/2       mythic genie, janni

6/2       mythic genie, djinni

6/2       mythic ghul

6/2       mythic mercane

6/2       mythic tojanida

7/3       mythic salamander

7/3       mythic xill

7/3       mythic xorn

8/3       mythic invisible stalker

8/3       mythic genie, shaitan

10/4      mythic genie, efreeti

10/4      liminal hound

11/4      mythic genie, marid


There is a bit less variation in your mythic creatures this time around, in favor of cleaving tightly to the monstrous theme and the most commonly encountered creatures from these realms beyond. Amongst these familiar friends and foes you will find an entirely new mythic monster from the mind of Jonathan Keith, the liminal hound. You may have spotted him above, but you can be sure he’s already spotted you. Watching. Waiting. Quietly. Peacefully. Patiently. Until finally, fatally, he strikes…


Looks harmless, doesn't he? For now.

Looks harmless, doesn’t he? For now.