Fall Previews #1: I *wish* Legendary Games had some new product for me!

Your wish shall soon be granted! While I have been eyeballs-deep in getting our Gothic Campaign Compendium finished in all its glory, and we already dropped off our final two Gothic Adventure Path Plug-Ins – Feasting at Lanterngeist and the Mutant Manifesto – just after Halloween, we wouldn’t want you to think we’ve been idle in other ways. Far from it!


In fact, I think it’s time for us to start up some fall previews to show off all the cool stuff we’ve got coming down the pike! First up, just turned over for proofreading, we have the latest installment in our Mythic Monsters series… Mythic Monsters: Inner Planes! A dozen and one denizens of the elemental and transitive planes ready to bedevil, bewitch, and possibly behead your favorite PCs! Look for a preview of the full table of contents tomorrow, but in the meantime check out Chris McFann’s delightful depiction of dueling desert dwellers!

When a mythic efreeti and mythic djinni mix it up, you don't want to get in between!

When a mythic efreeti and mythic djinni mix it up, you don’t want to get in between!