Fall Preview #3: A RIGHTEOUS new adventure!

Brought to you by the tag-team tandem of Jim Groves and Neil Spicer, we are proud to bring you Road to War: The Equinox Crown! 


Road to War represents the development of a new product concept from Legendary Games, in that it is in part an adventure and in part a campaign accessory. Like its predecessor, Road to Destiny for the Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins, Road to War comprises a series of loosely linked scenarios rather than a tightly focused adventure. In each case, the companion adventure in the published adventure path presumes a journey of some length, but without a lot to fill it other than random encounters. Road to War offers you a series of interconnected encounters, each a demonic delight in and of itself, which can be inserted piecemeal or in whole into your campaign as heroes plunge into the Demon Wastes that wound the world, either alone or leading a small army of crusaders.


Jim Groves and Neil Spicer, who authored two of the adventures in the published adventure path, have created a diverse set of encounters that are richly detailed, cunningly designed, and offer the chance to forge ever-deeper connections to the NPCs and organizations that really make the adventure path come alive. Even in terms of pure heroic adventuring, Road the War allows PCs to uncover The Equinox Crown, a lost relic of the fallen druid kingdom of the north, one that will come in very handy later in the campaign as they face down the Locust Lord and his swarming hosts. This item forms a key touchstone for many (though not all) of the encounters in Road to War, and it is designed to grow in power alongside the PCs as they rise to become mythic heroes in their own right, standing in the breach in a war the world dare not lose. Keep your faith and your sword ready, and set out on the Road to War!


Oh, and watch out for this guy…