Coming SOON: Ultimate Factions!

We’ve been hard at work in the word mines and layout factories here at Legendary Games getting things ready for you. We’ve been putting a lot of resources into tying up the next couple of adventures in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, with the Pathfinder version of Richard Pett’s Confederates of the Shattered Zone going out to Kickstarter backers last weekend (and on track for wide release next month) and much more to come, including its 5E cousin and both versions of Matt Goodall’s Dead Vault Descent. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some other great new stuff coming your way, and the first preview for you is here!

This terrific new book by Legendary newcomer Ben Walklate brings the danger and intrigue of politics home to the kingdom your heroes have worked so hard to establish. They must successfully navigate the politics and rivalries of other power brokers, political groups, pious religious institutions, merchant councils, and more. Check out the product preview and get ready for this book to arrive THIS FRIDAY!

The sultan’s grand vizier is secretly plotting against him with other members of the court. The guilds are trying to bully small businesses. The neighboring country have spies in the palace. The city guard in the capital are under the pay of the thieves’ guild. The local druid circle aren’t happy about all the farms being built, or the woodcutting in the forest, and want the kingdom’s Councilor to help them persuade the king to put a stop to it.

All of these are themes from fantasy stories, but the core kingdom building rules introduced in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign and expanded in Ultimate Rulership from Legendary Games focus primarily on your heroes and the decisions they make as the ruling council of their own kingdom. With Ultimate Factions, we provide you with detailed rules for different political factions, religious sects, and any number of influential power brokers and wealthy elites devoted to rising up and seizing whatever they can hold. Your heroes may play off their rivals against one another and use their wits to consolidate their own power and secure their throne from threats that can’t be defeated by sword or spell. In the great game of houses and thrones, your heroes must triumph!