Chart a course for adventure!

Usually I like to do a bit of preview art for products that are getting ready to come out, but this time I think I’ll do something delightfully different and cartographically cool. The latest product about to drop for Legendary Games is Matt Goodall’s adventure, “The Baleful Coven,” and I must say Jason Juta’s artwork is fantastic and a great complement to Matt’s terrific adventure wherein PCs have a chance to discover that hell hath no fury like a mother forced to bury her son, and if revenge is a cliched dish served frosty cold… well, it is very cold when you’re traveling beyond the Viking lands and into the endless wastes of the arctic.

That said, this terrifically mind-bending map by maestro Rob Lazzaretti is itself a work of art, in that it artfully conveys the simultaneously magical and yet inconstant and uncertain mysteries of the wild and desolate places where civilization is but a memory and the old magics yet linger. The map almost seems to whisper, “Here there be witches… ”

Map of a dream, or a nightmare?


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