Celebration Day for LG!

We have LOTS of great reasons to celebrate today at LG! First off, we just passed the 6-year anniversary of the relaunch of LG under Jason Nelson’s direction, PLUS this weekend is my birthday, but besides those we’ve got two especially good pieces of news!

First is that our Fates of Madness cooperative RPG card game HAS FUNDED! We’ve finally reached our goal and are looking forward to a fantastic finish tonight and tomorrow! If you haven’t already jumped aboard, come check it out and help us grab a stretch goal or two and make this game even better! Don’t get left out when Madness is on the line!

Secondly, we are excited and delighted to announce that the remarkable Rachel Ventura’s awesome all-ages adventure A Feast of Flavor has been nominated for an ENnie award for 2018 in the category of Best Family Product! We are very proud of our all-ages Legendary Beginnings line, and doubly so for Rachel’s debut adventure. We definitely hope you’ll support us once ENnies voting begins this year and hope you’ll check out this adventure, which we’ll be making our TWO$DAY product of the week – you can grab the PDF of either the Pathfinder or 5E version for just $2!!!

We are also very close to releasing the awesome Alien Bestiary (Starfinder) to our Kickstarter backers. I will be receiving the layout galleys shortly for final review, and once they’ve been checked and any adjustments made we’ll be posting them up for backers and preparing the book for the printer, and it’ll be ready for all our fans soon thereafter!

There’s so much more to come, but for now raise a glass and give a cheer for LG, and check out the Christmas In July sales coming this week at both the Open Gaming Store and at DrivethruRPG!