A Scurvy Day at last for Pirates!

Today we are delighted and excited in the extreme to release one of the long-awaited aquatic adventure Fort Scurvy! This massive expedition takes the heroes into the heart of a living fortress swarming with pirates and scallywags of every stripe, with every one of them gunning for blood. Your PCs will need to blend guile, stealth, and strategy alongside brute force if they are to evade detection, create diversions, and press their advantage to pierce the stronghold of the Pirate King and seize the crown of the pirate isles for their own! You’ve never seen a high-level adventure quite like this, packed with over 70 pages of pulse-pounding pirate peril! You can grab this awesome adventure today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Of course, while knocking the second of the Holy Trinity of Jason’s Unfinished Products off the list (you’re next, Ultimate Armies!) is a beautiful thing on its own, you can certainly buy this awesome adventure as a standalone piece, but you also can get it as just one amazing part of the incredible Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E and Pathfinder that is running on KICKSTARTER RIGHT NOWThis is a short, focused project, and in the first week alone we already have exceeded TRIPLE our base funding goal with over 300 backers, plus adding half a dozen terrific stretch goals and even more fun extras! This titanic tome should be over 300 pages full of five complete adventures, over a hundred ready-made monsters, NPCs, magic items, and so much more. Plus, backers get to sponsor unique content of their own and can vote to help decide which monsters make the cut for the final book!

This project ends in two weeks, on Monday, March 5th.

Climb aboard and spread the word in every port of call! 

Check out the Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E and Pathfinder on Kickstarter!


Pirates Plunder… and Egyptian Adventure Ahoy!

The response to the Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter has been amazing, reaching over 200 backers and more than DOUBLE our funding goal in the first two days of the project! We are excited to have blown through three stretch goals already, adding new feats, archetypes, character options, and new monsters to the book already, including our first Sea Monsters backer poll, where every supporter gets to vote for their five favorite monsters from Marine Mythology (with the next backer poll revealed now to be the Ships of the Damned)! We thank each and every one of you who has already joined the crew, and implore you to help spread the word and keep this voyage sailing towards awesome adventure. The voyage ends Monday, March 5th, so pledge now!

Pirates are all about dauntless derring-do, and that’s also the heart of the Savage Worlds game system, and we have our first pirate adventure nearing completion for this system (and check out our first horror adventure for Savage Worlds, the creepy Lovecraftian Feasting at Lanterngeist), but today we want to celebrate the release of our latest adventure for that game with the beautiful and bewitching Egyptian adventure, Beneath the Festered Sun (Savage Worlds)! Jam-packed with dusty alleys and marketplaces, crumbling ruins, and all the eldritch enchantment of fantastic adventure among the tombs and pyramids, with the return of an ancient curse that threatens ruin unless your daring heroes can stop it, this Novice-level adventure is set to entertain and excite! You can grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

PLUS, in honor of this adventure’s release, we’ve made the Pathfinder and 5E versions of this adventure our TWO$DAY Products of the Week – grab either or both right here at the Legendary Games webstore nearly 80% off for just 2 dollars!


Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me!

The Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter for 5th Edition and Pathfinder is live now! This spectacular seagoing supplement brings you five complete adventures plus tons of ready-to-use nautical NPCs of every level, aquatic options galore for your characters, treasure troves of pirate plunder, ship combat, treasure maps, and so much more with stretch goals aplenty to create a glorious 300+ page compendium that’ll shiver yer timbers! Amazing artwork, killer cartography, and some of the best designers in the business bring you an incredible addition to your gaming library for either system!

This project runs for 21 days, ending March 5th! Whether you come in as a Salty Sailor or join us for a glorious Pirate Feast, take the plunge and walk the plankwith us today! Share the love and share with your friends!



To Be the Pirate King!

As we ramp up to our Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter starting soon, it is with great excitement that we announce one of the longest-running back-burner projects at Legendary Games, part of the “Holy Trinity” of unfinished works, is UNFINISHED NO MORE! In development off and on for years, the high-level pirate stronghold invasion adventure Fort Scurvy is at last headed to layout, at a whopping word count of precisely 37,000! This long-simmering labor of love for 14th-level characters is a brutal and unforgiving expedition into the heart of the Pirate King’s domain, but hey, if you want to be the king, you’ve gotta beat the king! 

Fort Scurvy is a high-level nautical Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure that pits a crew of nautical heroes who have made a name for themselves up against one final obstacle standing between them and glory. Surrounded by devoted scallywags and scurvy seadogs in his island fortress, the Pirate King looms over the southern seas like a shadow of menace and legend. To some he is a symbol of liberty, keeping tyrants at bay with equal parts cunning and cruelty, and those seeking to take him down must offer to their fellow pirate lords and ladies the promise of maintaining the freedom of the seas for simple sailors to make a dishonest living. To others, the Pirate King is a purveyor of perfidy and a plunderer without peer, a nautical knave who must be brought back in chains or in pieces if the backbone of the pirate menace is ever to be broken. Your heroes must take up the challenge to topple the suzerain of the seven seas and claim the Typhoon Throne for their own. Set a course for fame and fortune with this amazing adventure for 14th-level Pathfinder characters and Make Your Game Legendary! 

I’m diving back into our Kickstarter page today, and if all goes well we are looking to launch this weekend, or possibly even tomorrow! We hope you love the amazing pirate adventures and accessories we are putting together here in an incredible resource for your nautical campaigns. Spread the word, THE PIRATES ARE ALMOST HERE!!!



Shift Into High Gear with a new class, and prepare for the PIRATE KICKSTARTER!

Today we debut the latest in our long-running series of fantastic character class compendiums for Pathfinder RPG with a deep dive into the newest base class of them all in Legendary Shifters! This book takes the core concept of a martial shapeshifting class and offers tons of great options for the standard official class as well as a reimagined alternate version of the class rebuilt from the ground up to become the supreme shapechangers in the game! You’ll find awesome archetypes, fantastic feats, marvelous magic items, the Polymorph Savant prestige class, and so much more, all packed into 32 pulse-pounding pages of sheer unmitigated awesomeness courtesy of N. Jolly and Siobhan Bjorknas! You can grab this beautiful volume right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Don’t forget to check out all the dynamite class collections we’ve recently released, especially for martial characters, like Legendary Brawlers, Legendary Fighters, Legendary Gunslingers, as well as earlier encyclopedias for your favorite classes like Legendary Rogues, Legendary Vigilantes, Legendary Kineticists, Legendary Paladins, and an array of awesome hybrid classes as well, like the Skinchanger, Kinetic Shinobi, Doomguard, Yakuza, and Deadeye Hexer! You can get them all organized by product category at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand by searching for individual products at the Open Gaming Store and Amazon!

The clock is ticking as well on the countdown to the Pirate Campaign Compendium project for 5E and PathfinderThis spectacular new book will likely exceed 300 pages of nautical NPCs, marine monsters, seagoing spells, aquatic adventures, and so much more! We are finalizing the Kickstarter page and are looking forward to launching the project this week. We’re going through and setting up our stretch goals and pledge levels, aiming to make this project as simple and straightforward as can be for everyone. There are many details getting finalized in the run-up to launch, and we’ll keep you abreast of new developments as they occur!

One important thing to note about this project is that, while we take our greatest inspiration from the popular romanticized pirates of the Caribbean Sea in the Age of Sail, this project also provides opportunities to broaden your campaign horizons with pirate plunder and lore from cultures around the world! The ocean touches every land, and the pirates and navies in your campaign likewise should sail beyond the farthest shore in search of true adventure on the rolling sea!


Open Gaming SALE, Shifters coming, and PIRATES AHOY for 5E and Pathfinder!

At Legendary Games, we love a good sale as much as the next gamer, and we’ve partnered with our friends at the Open Gaming Store to run a spectacular sale on their site! For the ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, you can get a fantastic 50% off almost all PDFs, plus 20% off print products and print/PDF bundles! Whether you love 5E adventures, Pathfinder class books, all-ages adventures for the whole family, gruesome horror, fantastic fey, sci-fi epics, or treasure troves of magic items, spells, monsters, and more, you can get virtually every title in the Legendary Games library at HUGE SAVINGS all month long at the Open Gaming Store! Check it out now! 

Next Monday, we get yet another awesome Pathfinder class resource with the dazzling debut of the dynamic Legendary Shifters, a spectacular expansion to this deadly new class! Here’s a quick preview to whet your appetite for something truly wild!

Legendary Shifters is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, this time focusing on the mercurial shifters! This base class, introduced in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Wilderness, was designed to be the ultimate shapeshifting character, allowing players to take a variety of forms in the blink of an eye. Legendary Shifters works to further embody this concept with a redesign of the class that gives even greater freedom to transform into whatever you wish at a moment’s notice. With an updated version of wild shape dubbed shifter shape, legendary shifters can not only take different forms more easily, but also change between their forms without hesitation! In addition, this book contains a ton of new archetypes to help your shifter take the form you want them to, from the furious Dragon Touched to the tricky and capricious Fey Shifter.  The insidious Mimickin allows for transformation into regular objects, while Necromorphs are focused on both transforming into and raising the dead. And if even more variety is required, the Polymorph Savant prestige class allows for almost infinitely varied shapeshifting, with access to a plethora of different forms. Plus,  tons of new feats, spells, and more! Grab this 32-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by N. Jolly and Siobhan Bjorknas today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Legendary Shifter 
New Archetypes 

  • Bound Beastmaster 
  • Dragon Touched
  • Elemental Nexus 
  • Fairy Shifter 
  • Giant Shifter 
  • Lycanthropic Warrior 
  • Metamorphic Genius 
  • Mimickin 
  • Mystically Trained 
  • Necromorph
  • Oozeling 
  • Protean Mutant 

Prestige Class: Polymorph Savant 
New Feats 
New Spells 
Sample Legendary Shifter: Ines

But as wild as that is, that’s not the only big thing coming next week! We have finalized all elements of our fantastic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendiumand that project is all but finished; we only need await completion of our books and their arrival to us and we can send them out to our backers. Our Campaign Compendium team is now getting ready to launch the sensational sequel with the next killer compilation of campaign-focused material, this time for all things nautical in the Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter! We are bringing the ship into the harbor and running out the plank for you to take the plunge starting NEXT WEEK! Get tons of aquatic monsters and characters, a massive compendium of ready-made nautical NPCs, five complete piratical adventures, pirate loot aplenty, character options for high seas adventure, and so much more!

We learned a lot of valuable lessons during the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project, and virtually all writing is already done, save for newly sponsored items that our backers add to the book with stretch goals or special pledges, like their own pirate captains, flags, and treasure maps. Backers will have the chance to add creative input and stretch goals to some parts of the book. Most of the book, though, is ready to go NOW, and not only are those chapters fully written and illustrated, but we’re already well along with laying out those parts of the book before we even launch the project! We fully expect to have these books completed and available for the summer convention season this year!

Keep an eye on the ocean waves and prepare to set sail for adventure with Legendary Games once again!



A Malevolent Monday brings Corrupted Classes! Plus…

Amidst our class compendiums devoted to Fighters, Brawlers, Gunslingers, and next week to Shifters, we are excited to unleash a killer collection of class and character options devoted not to a single class but to the crusade of good versus evil, law versus chaos, mortal versus immortal, pitting the brave and true versus the treacherous and corrupt. Behold, Corrupted Classes, an ideal resource for heroes and villains alike waging war for the fate and soul of the world as the heretical hordes of the lower planes erupt into the mortal world, tainting the land itself and every living thing, while the brave few stand against its rising tide of death and destruction! You’ll find dozens of archetypes, feats, magic items, and more, from grail knights to hellions and anarchist inquisitors to black mage kineticists, and so much more. This book is an awesome resource whether you’re building heroes who can stand against the hounds of hell or black-hearted villains who want to burn it all to the ground. You can grab this 32-page Pathfinder accessory by Clinton J. Boomer, Jason Nelson, Carl Cramer, N. Jolly, and Julian Neale right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon!

Looking forward to next week, Legendary Shifters is finished in layout, save for one last art piece we should have in hand later this week, and it’ll be coming your way next Monday! Likewise, with Corrupted Classes now out the door, the layout team is moving on to Ultimate Factions (5E), bringing new levels of intrigue and influence to your 5th Edition campaign next month!

Speaking of next month, I do believe there’s something in the water…



It’s a Savage Worlds Sunday!

Today we are pleased to present our very first adventure setting for the spectacular Savage Worlds game system! An action-focused alternative to rules-heavy RPG systems, Savage Worlds offers a great opportunity rich roleplay and pulp action in every genre from creepy to cosmic. We’ve started our settings in the land of horror with Feasting at Lanterngeist, a horror investigation story for Veteran characters in a sinister small town where an eldritch terror lurks just below the surface. Uncover the deadly secret before the village festivities get WAY out of hand! You can grab this adventure setting in PDF, print, or print/PDF bundles at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store,, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!


Coming soon from Legendary Games, we delve into the blighted bazaars and dangerous ruins of fantasy Egypt in Beneath the Festered Sunfacing down tomb robbers, drug runners, and the deadly curse of the ancients that threatens doom for everyone. This adventure setting for Novice heroes (or even those who have just become Seasoned) should be ready next month!


A very classy Legendary week!

To wind up 2017, we released two brand-new class compendiums, Legendary Gunslingers and Legendary Brawlersand there was much rejoicing among every fan of Friday Night Fights! But you can’t very well talk fighting without talking FIGHTERS, so that’s just what we’re doing! Welcome to a killer collection of new rules and options for smashing, bashing, dashing, and crashing through every enemy in your path with Matt Goodall’s magnificent Legendary Fighters! This is the biggest class book we’ve ever done, clocking in at a whopping 62 pages, including not only over 100 feats, archetypes, class features, items, options, and more, but also a complete ground-up reinvention of the fighter class, the Legendary Fighter, along with alternate rules for both standard and legendary fighter characters and explanatory notes on implementation of new rules and the rationales behind them, so that you can add them piece by piece or whole cloth.

You can get this amazing new book of class options at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

But wait, there’s more! The hits just keep on coming with our line of Legendary classes, as we’ve also just sent off Legendary Shifters by N. Jolly and Siobhan Bjorknas to layout, and it should be available in the next week or two! This new book explores the latest class for the Pathfinder RPG and dials up the ante on its shapeshifting prowess and its deadly natural weapons in every shape, plus providing new feats, spells, the potent polymorph savant prestige class, an entirely new alternate legendary shifter class, and so much more, plus a brand-new NPC designed to show off the book’s potential and ready to drop into your campaign! It’s not just about claws anymore. Check it out at the beginning of February!

Of course, good things come in threes, and our Legendary Heroes are no exception. We reach back to the beginning of the series to bring you our TWO$DAY product of the week with the fantastic Legendary Paladins by Jason Nelson and Amber Scott, 42 pages packed with paladinly prowess and piety for just 2 dollars – 80% off! Grab a copy today and Make Your Good Guys Legendary!


Corrupted Classes Coming!

The war for the wounded lands continues! Whether you are a crusader champion driving back the forces of evil or a corrupted collaborator sowing sedition in the ranks of those who stand in the breach, you’ll find an assortment of awesome new options in the upcoming Corrupted Classes! 


A quick glimpse at the table of contents tells you what you’ll find within, including nearly 50 archetypes and fiend-focused feats! Check out the table of contents


Corrupted Classes

Crusader Archetypes

Cursed Archetypes

  • Absorb Violent Energies
  • Apocalyptic Survivor
  • Awareness on Dark Wings
  • Blazing Bolts Against the Darkness
  • Burning Thunder of Omnikinesis
  • By Blackest Ink
  • Comprehend the Corrupted
  • Cruel Kiss of Thunder
  • Dark Force Adept
  • Fiendfoe
  • Fierce Fiendish Brilliance
  • Flesh of Many Skins
  • Force-Focusing Oath
  • Heir to Power Unstable
  • Incredible Hidden Power
  • Initiate of Thanatokinesis
  • Redeemed Scoundrel
  • Rot Fiend
  • Senses of the Shrike
  • Sorcerous Damnation
  • Thrallborn
  • Thrashing Heart of the Shockwave
  • Twisted Flesh
  • Warp Sense
  • Warped Mind

Feats of the Wounded Lands                                                                        

Magic Items

Mental Corruptions