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5E Friday brings Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #3! Plus FREE magic items!

This 5E Friday you can get our third card deck of magnificient magic items with Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #3! This awesome 80-card deck is chock full of items from basic essentials like the adaptive holy symbol and the alchemical admixture vial to epic items like the blade-eating battleaxe and dimensional bomb. You’ll find utility items alongside devastating weapons, incredible implements for spellcasters, and bastions of magical defense as well. Find your way with the map cartouche, span worlds beyond with the stygian coin, or unleash a rain of death with the zombie apocalypse siege shot! You can get this incredible deck in PDF to print at home (with two file versions, one for screen viewing and one formatted for printing) or you can purchase a beautiful card deck ready to use! Plus, don’t miss out on Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #1 and Deck #2 as well! You can grab these card decks at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

In addition to these awesome ready-to-use magic item cards, you can grab free new magic items every week from the Legendary Loot Patreon, and this week you can protect yourself even when things have really gone against you with the cunning and sneaky captive blade! You can grab nearly 50 FREE magic items right now from our weekly archives, but even if you’re not a member of our Patreon you can get our collected magic items, monsters, spells, class options, and more as a beautiful print or PDF compilation in our monthly magazine! Our Patrons already have their copy of The Dragon’s Hoard #13 next Monday, but next 5E Friday it’s coming your way with a special magitech issue with items like the nullblade, arc rifle, and dwarf star grenade, spells like antitech field and remove radioactivity, class options like the bombardier and nanotech infuser, and monsters like the heavy metal elemental and clockwork leviathan! We hope you’ll check it out next Friday and check out the Legendary Loot Patreon today!


PF2sday Brings 2 New Options from the Stars!

On PF2sday, we are always excited to pause for Just a Second, our ongoing micro-PDF series for Pathfinder Second Edition featuring 2 pages of killer content from feats and spells to class options and more! Just a Second #8: Cosmic Champions by Sasha Laranoa Harving invokes the powers of the heavenly sun, moon, and stars with 5 new champion tenets like Hollowed, Luminary, and Argent, each with their own unique reactions like Obscuring Essence and Shining Onslaught. Plus get 8 new champion feats and focus spells like glorious valor and hand of the sky! Grab yours today for just $1 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG!

But we also had a crazy weekend and forgot to let you know about Starfinder Sunday with our latest little Starfinder supplement with Stellar Options #17: Battle Song! Master the resonant guard fighting style to harmonize with cantors and musical masters on the battlefield or attune your mystical powers to the fundamental elements, aether, and shadow with the incredible warsinger archetype! If you want to reach for the stars, grab this today for just $1.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


Don’t forget to pick up the earlier installments of Stellar Options or any of the rest of our terrific line of Starfinder supplements!

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Plus new issues coming out every weekend!



Hi there, Jason Nelson here. It was correctly brought to my attention that the new product we announced yesterday, the Asian Spell Compendium was both inherently culturally insensitive and also had absolutely awful timing, considering the recent murders targeting Asian Americans in the USA. My heart goes out to the families not just of the victims but of entire communities that are being terrorized by individual criminals and by a culture of fear and terror against Asians in general and doubly so for immigrant Asians. Our releasing that product yesterday was horrifically tone-deaf, but timing was just one part of the problem.

Xenophobia and anti-Asian racism is nothing new. My former father-in-law and his entire family were rounded up and sent to the concentration camp at Tule Lake, California, surrounded by barbed wire and machine gun nests, for the simple crime of being Japanese-American, and even after their release could not return to their former home for years. Even in the 1970s, he had his phone wiretapped by the FBI for “potential anti-American activity.” Anti-Asian racism, violence, and discrimination are pervasive in the USA, from the federal government on down to individuals, from the 1800s right down to today.

And yet, yesterday in the context of just the latest incident, we released the Asian Spell Compendium for Pathfinder Second Edition. Why that day? No particular reason, really. That was when the product got finished and was ready, so we released it. When I was a kid and I did something wrong, I’d often say “But I didn’t think…” and then come up with some rationalization or justification, but my mom would usually jump in at that moment and say, “That’s right, you didn’t think.” And I didn’t. That’s one of the essences of white privilege; you usually don’t even stop to think because nothing in society forces you to. As a publisher, it’s easy to get into the rote cycle of “next product up, get the words, do the mechanics, get the art, get the layout, get it packaged, then release… and on to the next product.” In this case, I didn’t really think about the impact of the content or the horrific cultural context going on while I had my head down in the grind. As the owner and publisher, that’s all on me, and I’m sorry.

But it’s not only a matter of “not thinking.” It’s also about the traditions of “orientalism” or “exoticism” and in fantasy and fiction as well as RPGs. Something doesn’t have to be a 2-dimensionally racist “Yellow Peril” stereotype to be culturally appropriative or insensitive. There’s certainly debate as to whether white creatives should be involved in creating media and products influenced by cultures other than their own at all. The RPG industry has long been dominated by white voices and interpretations, and we need to do more to recruit and foreground contributors of color. Legendary Games has a deep bench of Asian artists among our contributors and they’ve made all of our products look more amazing, but authors? Not so much. We can do better, and we’ve been reaching out recently to add needed diversity to our authorial roster.

So where do we go from here? We have delisted this product and our entire Far East product line for all systems. These were products we mostly produced around 2013-2016; recent releases have just been updates for different game systems, like the Asian Spell Compendium was (originally released in 2016 for Pathfinder RPG). We should have known better then, but as a small company we just kind of made what we thought sounded cool at the time. “Sounded cool” is very far from good enough, and for that we apologize. We’ll reconsider what to do with this product line in the future, and we’re likewise going to be delaying our planned Asian Monsters Kickstarter project.  In the interest of transparency, we’ll be sharing some of the details of that project going forward, which features much more direct involvement from a variety of Asian contributors than our older Far East product line did.

When you know better, do better, and we’ll do better.

PS – I notice there was a second, related issue wherein we put out a social media call for cultural reviewers for upcoming products. This is a paying assignment, but looking back at the original announcements that was not explicitly stated. POC have long been asked for free emotional labor to help whites feel better and this was never intended as that, but all critiques to that effect were 100% fair and warranted.


Singing the Praises of Legendary Clerics!

We are excited and delighted to debut our 21st new class revision and update for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with the magnificent Legendary Clerics courtesy of Matt Daley and Nathan Reinecke! This massive 60-page exploration of all things divine starts with a full-on rebuild of the classic cleric class to give them interesting and integrated class features at every level, building out their domain devotions and disciplines with branching options within each one of 30 domains, so every cleric has options throughout their adventuring career of how best to fulfill the doctrines of their deity! Does your Fire cleric follow the Doctrine of Incineration or Purification? Or your Life cleric the Doctrine of the Body or the Soul? You’ll also find nearly 20 new spells, nearly a dozen awesome archetypes like the channeling adept and the evangelist, alternate class features, setting guidance for clerics, and even a ready-to-use 12th-level legendary cleric sample NPC to show off what the new cleric class can do! You can pick up this spectacularly sanctified supplement today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Matt and Nathan reimagine the cleric class around new mechanics that really tie together and give the cleric a lot more built-in interest that really makes each cleric distinct. Domains are reimagined and the cleric has a full advancement set of class features that grow as your character does. We’ve got a slew of new Pathfinder RPG class expansions coming your way soon, including:

  • Legendary Wizards by N. Jolly
  • Legendary Sorcerers by Andrew Gibson
  • Legendary Bards by Hal Kennette
  • Legendary Druids by Amber Vael
  • Legendary Bloodragers by Jeff Collins

But before those come out, we’ve got the incredible Legendary Kineticist: Second Edition coming your way for Pathfinder Second Edition! the door for PF2. We’ve already planted our flag on kineticist mountain for the original Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with the incredible 280-page Ultimate Kineticist Compendiumand now our killer design team led by Vanessa Hoskins has cooked up a truly amazing new version of the classic kineticist from PFRPG and it’s headed to layout this week and heading your way soon!

Feel the power of the planes flowing through you! Kineticists allow elemental energies to infuse their body, allowing them to direct pure elemental might at their whim. Become a master of aether, air, cold, earth, electricity, water, or fire as you bend the elements to your will and use them against your enemies. Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition contains over 100 class feats for kineticists across 7 elemental builds, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Create a stalwart geokineticist, whose defensive abilities are nearly unmatched. Blast your enemies to ash with a pyrokineticist. Teleport around as a bolt of lightning with an electrokineticist. Obfuscate, trick, and manipulate with a telekineticst. The power is in YOUR hands!

We support a lot of game systems, but we definitely remain excited to bring you amazing new content for the 1st Edition Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and I hope you’re excited to try it out at your table as well! If you want to keep up with all the latest, check us out at our Discord channel and chat with the designers and developers and give us your thoughts on what makes PF1 amazing, as well as places where you think it could use a little more love! We love it so much that we’re creating a whole new version of it, and our COREFINDER project is underway to create a refined and streamlined version of the PFRPG. We’d love to hear from you, especially when it comes to things that really can be condensed along the way (like feats that give abilities that should just be a normal part of combat or a normal use of a skill). Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter or better still join the conversation on our Discord, ENWorld, and the Giant In the Playground forums!





Kingmaker Anniversary Edition – COMPLETE!!!

In addition to our usual ongoing cycle of new releases and our own massive projects coming to completion like Ultimate Kingdoms and Legendary Planet, one of the biggest new projects Legendary Games undertook this past year was our partnership with Paizo Inc. to do the official Pathfinder Second Edition conversion for the Kingmaker Adventure Path 10th Anniversary Edition! As big projects do, this one just kept getting bigger, eventually turning into FOUR fantastic volumes with the Companion Guide, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, and 5E Bestiary to accompany the massive 640-page Adventure Path book itself. Spurred on in part by the success of the Owlcat Kingmaker CRPG, these weren’t just going to be updated stats but completely rewrites of the six original Kingmaker adventures, PLUS *four* brand-new adventures, PLUS redesigned and massively expanded kingdom and mass combat rules, PLUS tons of new material for wilderness adventures, PLUS mini-adventures and new rules options like feats, spells, items, and roles for NPC companions in kingdom, mass combat, and downtime rules… it’s a LOT of stuff, somewhere over 1000 pages of material altogether. Some of the original Kingmaker authors like Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, and Richard Pett were able to revisit the Stolen Lands, and we had a ton of new contributors as well to develop the PF2 adventures and all the PFRPG and 5E material as well.

And now it’s done!

I should say, the Legendary Games part of the project is done (aside from continuing conversations as needed with the Paizo design and development staff as they do their final passes and assembly work to make sure everything fits just right). Paizo will continue work on their end, with the project scheduled for release around November of this year. It was a massive project that was a lot of fun but required the contributions of a ton of great people, so shout-outs are definitely in order for our killer crew of adventure authors in Tom Phillips, Tim Hitchcock, Jacob Michaels, Ron Lundeen, Steve Helt, Scott Young, Alex Riggs, Mike Welham, Dennis Muldoon, and Jason Nelson, plus piles of amazing additional material from Alex Augunas, Russ Brown, Carlos Cabrera, Jeremy Corff, Darrin Drader, Joel Flank, Robert J. Grady, Eric Hindley, Jeff Ibach, Victoria Jaczko, Matt Kimmel, Jeff Lee, Tom McQueen, Julian Neale, Chris Perrin, Richard Pett, David Ross, Justin Sluder, and Linda Zayas-Palmer! 

Thanks to everyone who was a part of creating these books or supporting this project, and we hope you’ll be looking forward to it coming out as much as we are! Anybody wanting to revisit Kingmaker can already get our incredible expansion of the setting with the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (Pathfinder RPG) and Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (5E) available right now, and you also can definitely count on a ton of great Kingmaker-friendly Pathfinder Second Edition product coming soon, as well as massive expansions to the new kingdom-building and mass combat rules. Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate War, and that entire line have been among our all-time best-selling products for both Pathfinder RPG and 5th Edition, and we’re already working on new ideas for Pathfinder Second Edition. The kingdom and mass combat rules you’ll get in the Kingmaker Adventure Path Anniversary Edition are already more than twice the size of the PFRPG rules in Ultimate Campaign, but there’s room for so much more to come!

We’ll take a well-deserved sigh of relief and then jump back into the fray to finish up Legendary Planet and Ultimate Kingdoms over the next week or two, and then on to new horizons with the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path, coming soon to Kickstarter!!! No time for stopping when you’re too busy being LEGENDARY!!!


Second Edition + Second Week = Second Class Guides!

Pathfinder Second Edition rolls into its second week of existence, and with many of you now having had a chance to read through the book we figured it’s about time to launch another new product line dedicated to the new version of the game: Second Class Guides! Each installment takes a deep dive into one of the newly released classes for the new game, giving you analysis and advice of how to build the character you want with the new rules! Get color-coded star ratings on ancestries, ability scores, class feats and options, skill feats, equipment, magic items, and more! The first installment is ready for you today, with everything you ever wanted to know about the alchemist class for Pathfinder Second Edition, and the next installment for wizards is in layout now and coming your way next week! You can get Second Class Guides: Alchemist right now in print and PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

Plus, if you like what you see, we’re setting up a Patreon for our Second Class Guides and Legendary Second Class books, so you can have the first crack at all of them! 

We’ll also be bringing back many of your favorite Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes with an all-new legendary flair, with Legendary Second Class: Kineticist in playtesting now and on track for release next month! We’ll be providing an array of accessories like Second Edition Spell Cards, likewise in layout now, but the next set of PF2 products coming your way is actually starting small with a new line of micro-PDFs we call Just a Second! Each one of these short PDFs brings you about a page of new PF2 content, from spells to feats to magic items, monsters, templates, equipment, and more, each one just a dollar! The first one is coming your way soon, Just a Second #1: Convergence Feats, devoted to the art of multiclassing!


ULTIMATE KINGDOMS is Coming for 5E and Pathfinder!

Since the Kingmaker Adventure Path 10th Anniversary book project launched and it was announced Legendary Games was partnering with Paizo to translate that entire AP to Pathfinder 2nd Edition, with bonus books added for 5E and Pathfinder, people have asked the question: What about the kingdom-building and mass combat rules? They will definitely be in the final AP book for Kingmaker for PF2, but what about for 5E and PF1? Funny you should ask…
Heroes in RPGs find fame and fortune in their adventures, but why just be rich as a king when you can actually BE A KING? Carving out a domain of your own has been a part of games like D&D since the beginning, and Ultimate Kingdoms is an ideal supplement to expand your campaign beyond epic journeys and dungeon delving. Your character should really be somebody in the campaign world, making their mark and building a legacy that will last, and that’s where Ultimate Kingdoms comes in! 
This hardback book contains the rules you need to build a nation from the ground up; preparing your military for victory on land, sea, and air; creating strongholds; managing relationships; dealing with political intrigue, and so much more, around 400 pages worth, available for both 5E and Pathfinder 1st Edition. You’ll find rules drawn from our best-selling Ultimate line to bring you an awesome array of options for extracurricular activities, including:
  • Kingdoms (5E)– core rules for creating cities, nations, and armies*
  • Ultimate Rulership– expanded cities, improvements, edicts, events, governments
  • Ultimate Battle– expanded tactics, command boons, terrain, environment, 
  • Ultimate War– expanded commanders, sieges, air and sea battles, combined arms
  • Ultimate Factions – power and politics, secret missions, alliances, influence, treason
  • Ultimate Relationships build robust relationships with key NPCs
  • Ultimate Strongholds– classic castles and fantastic fortresses
  • Ultimate Shipsship-to-ship combat, fast-play fleet combat, ship modifications
  • Ultimate Commander – a brand-new character class leading their squad on adventures!
  •  and as part of the stretch goals, the never-before-published Ultimate Armies, featuring mercenary bands, logistics, a bestiary of troops, and more! 
As the campaign continues, the book will get bigger and better with stretch goals aplenty and special guests you’ll be excited to see, each of them making this book more amazing! Plus, you’ll be able to write yourself into the book with special sponsorship opportunities! Best of all, the book is already written! We’ve learned from past projects to get all our ducks in a row well in advance! We are ordering new artwork and have even more we can add as funding continues, but this book will be ready for layout by the end of July and ready to get back to you by the end of 2019! 
If you’re coming to PaizoCon this weekend and want to learn more about this incredible new project, come see us at our What’s New with Legendary Games? panel Sunday at 11 AM in Cascade 8! And remember…

End + Time + Spirit = END. ZEIT. GEIST!!!

The teases are over, and we are pleased and proud to present Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf as our new Lead Developer at Legendary Games! If you don’t already know Endy from his voluminous reviews of all things 3PP, you totally should – head over to his website now at – but his keen eye for detail across Pathfinder, Starfinder, 5E, and more will be wielded like a scalpel and a sculptor’s knife to make our products even Legendary-er!


Thilo has already dived into the Alien Codex and Aethera Field Guide, but very soon he’ll be taking up the reins of a new project very soon. We might just have ANOTHER announcement to make later today! Mmm…. what could it be?


May the 4th bring you… STAR EMPIRES! And Savings!

Here at Legendary Games, we have a lot of different product lines going, including a rich vein of sci-fi and science fantasy products, from technological treasure troves like Treasury of the Machine to class options in Cyborgs, Magitech Archetypes, and the Robot Summoner, to an incredible star-spanning epic adventure path in Legendary Planetand so much more for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and 5th Edition! To celebrate the 4th, we are offering a special 40% OFF SALE running for four days, running now through May 8th! Just enter the coupon code MAYTHE4TH and save big!

Of course, that’s not all! Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent (Starfinder) is in layout now and should be ready for release by the end of next week! The incredible Alien Bestiary Companion is also in layout now and will be heading out to our Kickstarter backers as soon as it’s done, and hopefully in time to get print copies for PaizoCon coming up May 24-27. A new Aethera adventure is just about ready to hit layout, with Wanted in the Wastes, and the Aethera Field Guide is slated to finish development this month and head to layout as well. The massive Alien Codex is coming too – I should be finished with the Reptilian Races chapter this weekend!

But wait, there’s more. See, all that stuff had already been announced. But today is a great day to unveil something new. Strap in and alert the Colonial Senate of the Planetary Federation, STAR EMPIRES is coming from Legendary Games!

Star Empires is a fully developed system of colony and nation-building and warfare for the Starfinder Roleplaying Gamebrought to you by the company that knows this genre like no one else. Inspired by the kingdom-building rules from Ultimate Campaign and Kingdoms (5E) but redesigned from the ground up and enhanced in a myriad of ways for sci-fi settings and the Starfinder system in all its glory. Legendary newcomer Matt Daley has been working with me on this adaptation and has brought forward a ton of cool ideas on how to make this an amazing accessory for your Starfinder campaign and taking your heroes into a broader and more epic scale of adventure and action.

And we’re not stopping there. Matt is already at work on not one, not two, but THREE more volumes in the Star Empires ruleset, including expanded warfare in Star Battles, dealing with variable tech levels in your sci-fi campaign with Star Evolutionand unpacking factions, organizations, influence, contacts, spycraft, diplomacy, and more in Star Intrigue! Wait, did I mention Star Battles…

Space battleship by Arrahman Rendi

The manuscript for Star Empires is in and we are rolling it through development while we wait for the remainder of the artwork to come in, but this seemed like a great time to make the announcement. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are, taking our expertise with opening up campaigns into a larger world of fame, fortune, power, and prestige.



Two Kickstarters Enter – One Kickstarter Leaves! Plus… Layout Wanted!

We were all too happy today to deliver the massive 424-page Pathfinder version of the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium to our backers today! The 5th Edition version of the book is already well along in layout and we should be getting it to you in the near future, along with the fantastic Art and Map Folio of all of the incredible illustrations from this book. It will be going on sale to the general public soon as well, so if you love hard-core old-school fantasy full of wilderness exploration, carving a kingdom and a name for yourself out of the unforgiving wilderness, and dealing with tricksy fey of the forest and finding fortune and glory in the wild or on the tourney field, you have got to grab a copy of this incredible encyclopedia of adventure! Monsters, magic items, spells, character options, two complete adventures, iconic heroes, abundant rules for incorporating the mystery and wonder of the fey into your campaign, and massive rules for archery, jousting, athletics, and crazy contests from the simple delights of a county fair to high-fantasy events of incredible difficulty and spectacular magnificence!

As that Kickstarter winds to a close, of course, the Alien Bestiary Kickstarter for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder keeps soaring higher and higher, standing on the cusp of doubling our funding goal and unlocking the amazing Alien Codex, a terrific collection of ready-to-use space and sci-fi NPCs, alien races, iconic heroes, and new rules elements to accompany the 200+ alien creatures, and coming soon the Aethera Field Guide, with even more variant alien creatures, deliciously detailed interplanetary setting material, and new rules for what to do with your newly discovered extraterrestrials!

Check out the Alien Bestiary Kickstarter today – just a few hundred away from $20,000!

Finally, with so many large and small projects going on at once, Legendary Games is always on the lookout for assistance in the layout department. If you have experience with InDesign and would like to join the Legendary Games team, email us at! We’d love to talk to you and add your talents to the team and make some amazing books together!