Blasting past $20,000 and beginning our DESCENT!

You are amazing! Just our second day and thanks to Andrew Patterson (also backer #150!) we have cracked $20,000 and already unlocked the fourth adventure in the series, Matt Goodall’s Dead Vault Descent!¬†We are now looking at 300 pages of mind-blowing adventure content and bonus material and counting! Time to get rocking on the bonus material for that adventure, and start the countdown to Richard Pett’s asteroid adventure, Confederates of the Shattered Zone!

Today’s art preview brings you a closer look at the klaven, the shock troops of the powers of evil. You can see these guys battling our heroes on the cover of To Worlds Unknown, but you’ll be meeting them many times throughout the course of this adventure path! Fight the good fight, and let’s continue to descend! If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll be getting an early preview of the stats of a klaven soldier!

Klaven TKL