Between the devils and the deep blue sea

This past week has been my school’s midwinter break, and for Legendary Games that means this has been a “catch up and get things finished” week for me. Among those products successfully cleared off my desk includes completing the final manuscript for Mythic Monsters 10: Sea Monsters! We’ll do a bit of peer review and make any final edits, and then once the last piece of art comes in for it we’ll be ready to post it up for YOU for an early/mid-March delivery! What kinds of terrible, awful, horrible, really mean things did Alistair Rigg and I come up with this time? Behold… THE TABLE OF CONTENTS!!!


Table of contents by CR


CR 3/MR1     mythic incutilis

CR 4/MR1     mythic bunyip

CR 4/MR 1    mythic seaweed leshy

CR 5/MR 2    mythic devilfish

CR 5/MR 2    mythic sea hag

CR 6/MR 2    mythic selkie

CR 8/MR 3    jorganth (new mythic monster)           

CR 11/MR 4   mythic dragon turtle

CR 12/MR 5   mythic draugr crew

CR 15/MR 6   mythic clockwork leviathan

CR 15/MR 6   mythic sea serpent

CR 17/MR 7   mythic great white whale

CR 22/MR 9   mythic kraken          


And what, pray tell, might a jorganth be? Well, it might look something LIKE THIS!

Strange things lurk below the waves...

Strange things lurk below the waves…