Best. Month. EVER!!!

Just wanted to send a shout-out to all of the fans of Legendary Games to thank them for making March our best month of sales ever. Not by a narrow margin, either; we DEMOLISHED our previous sales records. Not just one hit product carrying the mail, either. Sales were strong across the board, with old products and new, with our longer products and our entire line of shorter Gothic Grimoires. Strong word of mouth and great reviews are the heart of our company’s success, though we are also happy and excited to continue expanding your options for getting to our product. Last month was our best month ever on, including a very successful Tabletop Day one-day sale on March 30th. We were also excited to launch our own webstore this month, and we hope that more and more of our fans will consider making us their first stop for Legendary Games product. With the opportunity to get early access to products through our site before you can get them anywhere else, and in buying here you can cash in on discounts on our product available nowhere else!

With that, we look forward to an amazing April. We’ve shown you several previews for Cold Mountain, our first offering in the Kingbreaker Adventure Path Plug-Ins. In final layout and cartography now, it should be available for you by next week. It represents an evolutionary step for Legendary Games, as it will be the largest product we’ve ever done. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Additional previews are coming soon, but first, a tiny foretaste of something Tim Hitchcock and I are working on. Sssssslithering your way sssssooonnnnn….


Artwork courtesy of Tanyaporn Sangsnit.

Artwork courtesy of Tanyaporn Sangsnit.

and dynamite products that support one another, that’s Legendary Games!


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  • Eric Hinkle

    I am SO looking forward to your works for the Kingmaker AP! It’s far and away my all-time favorite Paizo series. And while I remember you mentioning that this will focus on the fey end of things, I hope we get some stuff that can be used with the kingdom-building aspect as well.

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