Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary now available!

Available now exclusively from the Legendary Games estore – get yours today! This product contains an array of creatures from CR 1 to CR 17, designed by Jason Nelson, Tim Hitchcock, and Matt Goodall, including the following:


Arctic Harpspider – a CR 4 outsider that spins webs of ice with hypnotic harmonics

Green Child – a CR 5 undead that attack in nightmare-inducing anguished mobs

Gruen – a CR 1 fey that is a hideous amalgam of mite and vermin

Hiisi – a CR 16 monstrous humanoid who is a cunning trapster with dead magic in his veins

Maniitok – a CR 17 ooze that is the living tundra itself, raging against the spread of so-called civilization

Orruol – a CR 10 fey that is the cool, pitiless, and aloof spirit of the mountains

Polevik – a CR 14 fey that is a sinister slasher, strangler, and harvester of souls

Torden – a CR 3 monstrous humanoid with a CR 7 huntmaster leader, heartless hunters of the cold woods mounted on ravening winter wolves

Vodenjak – a CR 6 creepy ferryman who will bargain for passage, for aid, or to make your dreams become reality, but it may cost you your soul

Wiitikowan – a template conferring the cruel hunger and bloodthirsty madness of the wendigo, with three sample templated creatures CR 3-6


Stay frosty!  And keep your eyes out for an announcement of MYTHIC PROPORTIONS from Legendary Games!

Boreal Bestiary cover


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