Awesomely DIABOLICAL reviews and previews!

Making a deal with the devil is a trope as old as literature, and it just so happens that Legendary Games has a couple of marvelously malevolent methods for using devils in your Pathfinder campaign. Mythic Monsters: Devils continues to garner acclaim, recently netting a 5-star review from the inimitable Endzeitgeist!

In the tradition of Legendary Games’ Mythic Monster series, we kick off with an uncommon piece of introduction – multiple pages of glorious, actually awesome to read in-character prose in vernacular – rather awesome and sets well the mood for the dreadfully efficient and lethal Devils to follow! The section also provides a cool template-expansion for Bestiary 4’s Devilbound creature template, including types of devil the basic template failed to cover – glorious.

Jason Nelson, Alistair Rigg, Tom Philips and Jonathan H. Keith have crafted an array of damn cool devils – that require a second glance to get why the builds are good. Much like the Devils herein, the builds are more subtle than those of Demons – less in your face, with many small pieces interacting. Unlike in some Mythic Monster-books, we are not squashed by an awesome array of new and unique signature abilities (though each creature still at least gets one!) – instead, the abilities, new magic capabilities and feats combine into making some downright brutal adversaries. The devils herein intended for combat – you can see hell’s efficiency in them. The seducers – they’re subtle and codify all those bargaining abilities usually left for the DM to handwave, which is neat as well.

You can read his full review on his website here, but that’s not all. We are about to release the Path of Villains, and certainly having dealings with the dark powers is a great way to make your villain brilliantly bad! For quick preview of this product, we’ll look at some of the many new mythic powers contained herein. When you think about why or how a villain would gain mythic power, especially in a generally non-mythic campaign, the idea of sacrificing their soul In exchange for that devil-infused might is a classic origin story. However, just as villains must have a beginning so too must they have an ending, and when eventually your villain falls to the heroes, imagine their surprise when this mythic ability comes into play…

Claim My Soul (Sp): The villain seals a pact with one or more evil outsiders to claim his soul upon his death. This requires a ritual taking 8 hours and functions as lesser planar ally, and the called outsider(s) take one-half the usual payment in exchange for this future service, reappearing 1d4 rounds after the villain’s death to claim his soul along with his body and any possessions. The villain can also stipulate that the outsiders claiming his soul must attempt to avenge his death; the amount of time they must spend hunting down the villain’s killers depends on the amount paid to them for their services, per the spell description, though the required payment is not increased because of the potential danger involved. If the villain is at least 3rd rank or tier, this functions instead as planar ally; if at least 6th, as greater planar ally; and if 10th, as gate, though in no case can the villain call an outsider whose Hit Dice exceed his own Hit Dice or level plus his mythic rank or tier.

Format: claim my soul; Location: Special Qualities.

You’ll find this mythic ability and over 30 more like it in Path of Villains, available later today from the Legendary Games webstore, and next week in wide release!