AVAST… the Pirate Campaign Compendium is on the horizon!

With the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium book just about ready for bed (Pathfinder version already out to backers, 5E version coming by around the 1st of October, and both books headed to the printer after that), we are turning our attention to the next installment in the series, the Pirate Campaign Compendium. We originally had planned today as the launch day of that book to coincide with “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” but while that would have been humorously apropos as a launch date we wanted to make sure that the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium was complete and off to print before we did that. In looking at timelines and also some travel by key people on this team in October, it just didn’t look like it could fit. Instead, we moved up the Alien Bestiary Kickstarter in its place (and many thanks to any of you who have supported that project or even just helped spread the word) so that team could start rolling with the project while we got all our pirate ducks in a row with the Campaign Compendium line. Of course, it’s not like we stopped working on getting the Pirate Campaign Compendium ready to go

We’ve been preordering a ton of great artwork to get ready, and we also have ace layout queen Liz Courts working diligently already on getting the parts of the book that are already 100% done, like the adventures and iconic heroes, laid out and ready. The additional time afforded moving the start of the Pirate Campaign Compendium project later in the year has allowed us to get a lot more pre-work done before we even launch. By the time this project launches, a lot of the hard work will already be done!

That’s not to say that there’s no work that will need to be done after the Kickstarter. Much as people were able to join the Royal Court of the Forest during this Kickstarter, so too they’ll be able to join the Pieces of Eight and the Four Winds or the Pirate King or Queen, designing your own figurehead, flag, and pirate ship! There will be great swag items with this project, including the hilarious Pirate Loot game by Jason Bulmahn, and much, much more!

Our tentative plan is to set up this project for a mid-November launch, but let us know your thoughts. This project is for you, the fans, and we want to make sure you get a great book at a great time! Thanks for all of your support with the Forest Kingdom, and we hope you are ready to set sail with us when the Pirate Campaign Compendium is ready to chart a course for adventure!