AVAST me hearties! The PIRATE ADVENTURE PATH Plug-Ins have begun!

We are proud to present our first forays into the savage shackled seas where the skull and crossbones reign supreme! The first in the line, Islands of Plunder: Tarin’s Crown, is available now exclusively at Legendary Games and will be available in wide release starting on Friday. Come and get it!

IoP - Tarin's Crown cover


But that’s not all! Oh no, we are barely getting started! In the months to come, you can look forward to the following fantastic offerings. For now, we’ll just tease you with the titles.

Islands of Plunder: Flesh and Spices – A 4th-level adventure by Matt Goodall with James F.D. Graham.

Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle – A 9th-level adventure by Matt Goodall with Joshua Root.

Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor’s Hand – An 8th-level adventure by Matt Goodall with Joshua Root.

Treasury of the Fleet – A cavalcade of magic items both nautical and piratical by Jason Nelson and the Legendary Games Design Team.

Fort Scurvy A fully detailed pirate king’s fortress, suitable as the high seat of any worthy pirate king… or a worthy challenge as an adventure for PCs of 14th to 15th level, by Jason Nelson.

Pirate Codex – A rogue’s gallery of seagoing NPCs, from buccaneers to naval officers, captains to gunners by Jason Nelson and the Legendary Games Design Team.

Nautical Heroes What series of Adventure Path Plug-Ins would be complete without a collection of vividly described, richly detailed, and gloriously illustrated pregenerated characters by Neil Spicer.

For those who like a little mythic goodness in their campaign, you should also check out Mythic Monsters 10: Sea Monsters and Mythic Minis 17: Feats of Seafaring!