Another great week for Legendary Games, and website changes, and interviews, and more!

The last three weeks have seen an impressive run by Legendary Games on the “Top Ten Downloads by Other Companies” list at Three weeks ago we had 4 of the top 10 products, two weeks ago 5 of the top 10 – HALF the list!, and this week 4 of the top 10 products again. Many thanks to our loyal fans for supporting Legendary Games and making us, a very young company really just over a year past our relaunch, one of the top 3PPs for Pathfinder! Maybe by this time next year we won’t be saying “one of”… 馃檪


Meanwhile, we want to give a shout out to our new Business Director, Rachel Ventura, who has been doing a lot of behind the scenes tinkering with our website and making plans for new features. Some have already been implemented, like being able to enter and save your personal profile information and download a product more than once. Others are still in process as we try to create a fantastic experience for you at You can see more of the marvelous Mrs. Ventura right here, being interviewed by Steve Russell on the Demiplane of Gaming! Speaking of interviews, your esteemed publisher is also profiled in the pages of Pathways #30, available for FREE download at DrivethruRPG! These two interviews tell a lot of the story of how Legendary Games came to be, some of our favorite products in the past, and a few secret revelations about the future.


Lastly, keep your eye on this space in the next few weeks. We’re going to be starting to kick an old project into gear. And maybe a new project as well…


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