Another 5-star review for LG – Mythic Monsters VII: Inner Planes!

Our foray into the mythic mysteries of the Inner Planes, Mythic Monsters VII: Inner Planes brings you engaging elemental creatures like the genie races, salamanders, and xorn, as well as dwellers of the transitive planes like mercanes, xill, and the all-new liminal hound! Here’s what Cat-thulhu had to say on the Paizo messageboards:


As usual the creatures span a wide range of CR/MR and all present a reasonable challenge for their CR to my mind. Base stats and abilities are as you’d expect and Mythic feat selection is sensible adding to each creature’s ability with few, if any, sub-par choices. I’ve said in previous reviews what makes mythic creatures really shine for me are those unique mythic abilities it gets over the base creature. As I’ve come to expect the abilities are well thought and complement the theme of the creatures very well.  Again I will highlight some of my favourites.


Invisible Stalker: It has a death attack, yep that’s right the assassin class ability. Now you can tremble in fear any time the air shifts mysteriously somewhere near you. OF course should it choose to activate its electric field and supercharge the air around it (it is an air outsider after all) you may just be content with electrical damage that simply bypasses non mythic protection, oh it just loves those heavily armoured types in their metal shells don’t you know.


Salamander: Fire seems to get all the love. Confirmed criticals erupt into punishing fiery blasts, and trace a winding ‘snaking path of fiery doom’ from their target (well a fire snake spell really but I prefer snaking path of fiery doom), punishment for their foe and his allies! Add to that the fact that these mythic creatures have regeneration that can only be overcome by the weapons that they forge (or mythic cold :), but don’t tell anyone that) and the often disappointing CR 6 creature becomes a deadly CR 8 source of fiery death.


Legendary games continues to impress with the design of its mythic creatures. I look forward to even more in the future and have my fingers crossed for a mythic monsters print collection. Another sterling 5/5 for the collection, even if it includes some obscure beasties I may never use, I’m certain I can pillage their abilities for my own nefarious uses.


You can read his full review here, including a great rundown of some more of his favorite iconic abilities, or check out Mythic Monsters VII: Inner Planes for yourself! As always, we greatly appreciate everyone that takes the time to write up a review of our products. Your recommendation, especially with great detail about what made the product great (or, for that matter, what held it back from greatness) is an invaluable resource for other customers and for us as well! Thanks again, Cat-thulhu!

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