Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Road to War: The Equinox Crown

Out just a few days, and already raking in the accolades, Road to War: The Equinox Crown has garnered high praise indeed from Weslocke on the Paizo messageboards, who says:


A few nights ago, when Legendary Games released their latest AP plug-in for the Righteous Adventure Path, I made a point to purchase a copy from the Legendary Games site. As usual, I was not at all disappointed. A few things really stand out about this module.


First, the adventure was written by none other than Jim Groves and Neil Spicer. Who better to expand a plotline than the very same authors who penned those chapters of the Righteous AP?


Second, this AP Plug-In utilizes a very free-form structure by breaking down the adventure into individual encounters on their armies long journey into the demon lands. This makes it easy for a GM to work the expanded story into the campaign seamlessly as the players march their army into untold dangers. Legendary Games first utilized this structure in their “Road to Destiny” AP Plug-in (for the Far East AP) and it serves quite well to provide a GM with more material to make long journeys more eventful and challenging.


Third, the production quality is extremely high. As usual for Legendary Games, the art (OMG, the art!) and layout of the material is absolutely top notch work and, in this reviewers opinion, sets the standard for other third party publishers to aspire to. The art was done by Tim Kings-Lynne, and is beyond exceptional. The maps were done by Ashton Sperry and were excellent and several of them were suitable for use in encounters beyond the scope of the adventure. After all, who doesn’t need extra maps for encounters?


You can read the full review here. Many thanks from us to Weslocke and to everyone who takes the time to write a review for our products. For all small publishers, your positive words mean the world to us, and we surely appreciate all you do to help spread the word about Legendary Games!