Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Road to Destiny!

With all this talk about the upcoming Road to War, let’s take a look back at Jim Groves’ prior venture with Legendary Games, the sprawling epic Road to Destiny, which just garnered another 5-star review from ktfish7, who praises the adventure’s utility both as a supplement to the AP and also as a terrific standalone adventure. He says:


Road to Destiny from Legendary Games is yet another product from this company that in a very short amount of time have accomplished carving a spot at the table when it comes to 3PPs of Pathfinder material. With their visual themes and feel, the quality of their layouts and artwork, the names on those credits pages have a handful of familiar faces. But none of that matters in the end, not truly. Eye candy is just that if the meat at the center of it is not worth it, and that it where Legendary Games excels.


You can read the entire review here! Thanks for the review, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to review our products. They are a great benefit for every 3PP, and we at Legendary Games work hard to exceed your expectations every time out. If you liked Road to Destiny, be sure to check out Road to War, and if you love the new Road to War, by all means go back and give Road to Destiny a look; you won’t be disappointed!

JR06-Road to Destiny


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