Another 5-star review for Legendary Games: Mythic Monsters: Demons!

In the midst of announcing new and upcoming Mythic Monsters products, a look back at the O.G. of this product line is in order, Mythic Monsters: Demonsthanks to a new 5-star review from Endzeitgeistwho says:


We kick this pdf off with notes on mythic demons crashing through bindings, bargaining and possessing mortals before diving headfirst into the mythic demons provided herein – from humble CR 2/MR 1 Quasits over Babau, Bodaks, Glabrezu, Hezrou, Incubus, Kalavakus, Nabassu, Elite Nabassu, Shadow Demon, Succubus all the way to the CR 25/MR 10 Balor, we get quite a solid array of statblocks for the respective demons, all mythified for your convenience and with thematically fitting abilities to boost – whether it’s the succubus revealing herself in abyssal glory (potentially quite literally), thus making all crash to the floor growling (and take cha-damage upon shaking it off),  an elite nabassus manifesting in conflagrations of fire upon being summoned (potentially turning those slain into mhorgs!) to the mythic klavakus that can use their mythic powers to command their slaves to commit suicide – these demons are NASTY with a capital “N” and come with appropriately twisted builds and abilities.


And then there is the Gulgerak – at CR 22/MR 9, these gigantic demonic siege engines are six-legged, two-headed wolves that sport chains on which lesser demons dangle for a both awe-inspiring and superbly deadly foe – including an origin-myth, description-fluff and an awesome full color artwork, the second apart from the cover artwork herein. An awesome creature that shows well why author Tom Philip’s name can be seen on various awesome supplements out there.


His only reservation about the product? That there just weren’t enough demons in it! Fear not, Endy, if the response to this product continues to be this enthusiastic, a sequel is very likely in the offing! Read the full review at Endzeitgeist’s own website here, or on the product page for Mythic Monsters: Demons at, DrivethruRPG, or

Mythic Monster Demons cover