Another 5-star review for Legendary Games – Mutant Manifesto!

From the (virtual) pen of Eric Hinkle over on the messageboards comes a lovely summary of the contents of the product and how it might fit into a game. Eric’s favorite part?


Last of all is a description of the dread Omnia Mutandis spellbook, which basically gives PCs a way to take any of the above spells, feats, etc. for themselves along with a free side order of accidental mutation thanks to the fact that the pages are soaked with the remnants of mutagenic experiments! It also gives advice on how to handle fleshwarping, Moreau-esque vivisection, and other fun topics. Truly a memorable tome and one that comes complete with its own nasty history and plot hooks.


You can read the full review here, but many thanks again to Eric and to everyone who has ever taken the time to write a review for Legendary Games or any other 3PP product; your time and kind words are much appreciated and a great help to all of us!