Announcing Legendary Games

Welcome to the Legendary Games website! Take a look around. Visit the Products page and the sub-page for the Adventure Path Plug-Ins product line (make sure to visit both pages). Read about the team members on the About page and have some fun on the Links page.

We look forward to providing you, the Paizo fan, the absolute best in supplementary material for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, and we’ve assembled an all-star team of freelancers to do it!

What, you say! No mega-dungeons? No 12-volume boxed set campaign settings? Nope. Not out of the chute, anyway. Times have changed since the beginning of 3E and we have to change with them. At the release of 3E back in 2000, Wizards made the books, we made the adventures. But as you may have noticed, in the new era Paizo makes amazing adventures–frankly, written by many of the Legendary Games Design Team members. The “space” for Third Party Support is just different, and so too are our products. But we still have that same commitment to the fun of gaming, a passion for our products, and good old fashioned classic gaming ideals.

Are products ready yet? No, but very soon. Well then, why announce now? Because PaizoCon is coming up and we wanted the fans to know what we had in store so that we could answer your questions. Expect products by the end of the month.

We appreciate you checking us out. Paizo is supported by a good number of excellent third party companies, companies with which we are friends. We believe we bring something unique to the table and hope you all enjoy what we have to offer!

See you all at PaizoCon! And let us help you Make Your Game Legendary!

Clark Peterson, Legendary Games


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