And ANOTHER 5-star review for Legendary Games – RIGHTEOUS HEROES

This one courtesy of Weslocke on the messageboards. You can read his full review here, but to sum up, he states:


Each of the characters was provided with a well thought out backstory and personal motivations which really meshed with the AP and would easily allow a player to springboard into the AP seamlessly. Not just that, these backstories were fun! I found myself wanting to play them.


Additionally each character was beautifully illustrated with its own original art making them even more compelling and really bringing them to life in the minds-eye. Mechanically they were sound and absolutely playable. In my mind the only optimized PC is one that is built to synergize with the campaign and in that respect these characters really deliver.


Now, combine all that with the top-notch production quality that Legendary Games and their Design Team is famous for and you get a product and characters that synergizes with the Righteous Crusade Adventure Path in a fashion far beyond my expectations. Once again they have really outdone themselves. This product caused me to reconsider purchasing the rest of the line for the other Adventure Paths. It is truly that good.


In addition, PathfinderFan64 purchased a copy of Righteous Heroes from our CreateSpace store, and said: 


The print version looks great! I hope you do this with more of your titles. I liked all the characters and the art was great. The print copy looks even better than the pdf. I was happy that you decided to offer herolab files. The only complaint I have is that you didn’t include the character portraits with the herolab files. That was the main reason I bought them. I hoped they were there. Overall a great product.


High praise indeed. Our thanks go out to our fans who take the time to post up their comments and reviews; word of mouth and recommending products you like to your friends is the best way to help our business grow!



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