And ANOTHER 5-star review for Legendary Games! It’s just not fair!

As in, people using Mythic Minis 21: Feats of Dirty Fighting just aren’t playing fair! Check out the latest from Endzeitgeist in his review:

Alistair Rigg’s mythic takes of dirty fighting rock – they are deadly, cool and do not follow formulaic mythic structures, instead coming with cool, unique effects that, more often than not, are inspired. Thus, my final verdict will clock in at 5 stars.

You can read his full review here on his site. As always, we greatly appreciate everyone that takes the time to write a review. You make our entire gaming community a better place!

P.S. With Unrighteous Villains yesterday and Feats of Dirty Fighting today, it’s shaping up to be a vile and villainous weekend… especially since I just finished up the manuscript on Path of Villains! PREVIEWS FORTHCOMING!!!

Mythic Feats of Dirty Fighting (cover)