An Awesome October from Legendary Games!

On October 1st, Legendary Games released our latest offering in our line of fabulous Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins, The Baleful Coven (now available at and! A brilliantly atmospheric romp through a nightmare realm conjured by vengeful witches from East and West, superstar author Matt Goodall has pulled out the stops and delivered a delight! The art by Jason Juta is dynamic and Rob Lazzaretti’s maps are mind-blowingly cool.

Lest you think we are resting on our heels, however, our next supplement, The Way of Ki is on final approach and should be available next Monday for your reading pleasure. Stepping away from adventures for the moment, The Way of Ki delivers double-fisted G.I.-Joe-with-kung-fu-grip awesomeness to your campaign, making monks and ninjas shine but allowing an incredible variety of tricks for characters of any and every class!

Soon to follow will be Meditations of the Eastern Mystics, a follow-up to our terrific Tomes of Ancient Knowledge (available on DrivethruRPG or at This product features a collection of mystical tomes infused with the arcane and divine secrets of the east, as well as expanding still further upon the ki concepts in the Core Rules and in The Way of Ki. These books will take you places you never imagined, from the fantastical to the sublime.

Last but not least, Legendary Games is very proud to bring to you Imperial Heroes, the long-awaited follow-up to Neil Spicer’s best-selling Gothic Heroes (available at DrivethruRPG or at While ideally suited to the Far East Adventure Path, where West meets East, cultures clash, and destinies are fulfilled, this collection of incredibly detailed pregenerated characters will bring any campaign to life, whether as NPCs or as richly detailed pre-made characters for your players to consider making their own.

As always, we hope you have as much fun using our products as we have making them! Keep a weather eye on the horizon for the latest from Legendary Games, and Make Your Game Legendary!


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