Almost time to mount up, mythic style!

Just in case disgusting fungal horrors and primordial oozes aren’t your thing, or if you’re thinking about how to use mythic monsters to HELP your PCs instead of harrowing them, you should be looking forward with delight to Mythic Monsters: Mounts! This product can be used even if you’re not using mythic rules for your PCs as a source of legendary special mounts with a longevity and usefulness that far exceeds that of ordinary mounts. Unlike most of our Mythic Monsters series, this product does not include an entirely new mythic monster; instead, it’s focused on bringing you a wide variety of the mounts you already know, from mundane to marvelous, all done up in unique mythic style… and it brings you TWENTY of them instead of a baker’s dozen, with mythic feats and path abilities to help integrate mythic mounts with existing mount-related feats, skills, and class abilities. For your reading pleasure, we present to you the table of contents describing the creatures you will find within these pages!


CR/MR  Creature

1/1         mythic riding dog

2/1         mythic advanced light horse

2/1         mythic advanced pony

2/1         mythic camel

3/1         mythic advanced hippocampus

3/1         mythic advanced hippogriff

4/1         mythic giant eagle

4/1         mythic pegasus

4/1         mythic advanced riding dog

5/2         mythic bison

6/2         mythic advanced heavy warhorse

6/2         mythic nightmare

8/3         mythic advanced giant eagle

8/3         mythic pegasus champion

9/3         mythic elephant

10/4       mythic triceratops

11/4       mythic dragon horse

13/5       mythic sleipnir

14/5       mythic nightmare cauchemar

15/5       mythic advanced roc


And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, how about this lovely fellow, courtesy of artist W.K. Nolen, to demonstrate the magnificent mythic mounts that await you!



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