Aegis of Empires Adventure Path is coming your way!

We announced some time ago that we were working on an epic fantasy adventure saga, courtesy of the gregarious Greg Vaughan, set in the amazing setting of The Lost Lands that Greg spent the last decade designing in delightful detail. If you can’t get enough of old-school fantasy, you’ve got just TWO HOURS LEFT to hop on board the Lost Lands Kickstarter to grab this killer campaign setting for yourself!

Meanwhile, just to update you on our progress, adventures #2, 4, and 5 are completed in development for Pathfinder, with 5E development in progress now. Maps are with the cartography team, and we’ve added new folks to the team because there are a LOT of maps to be done! The art for ALL THREE of these adventures is nearly complete, as we’re working ahead to get this sublime saga truly ready to go. Greg has just sent over the art orders for adventure #1 and should have development complete by the end of the month, with #3 and #6 to follow in short order thereafter.

Our plan is to release the first and second adventures for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition by late spring or early summer, and to also begin working on converting both for Pathfinder 2nd Edition in preparation for its GenCon release. We’ll be running preview events at PaizoCon in May, with authors Alistair Rigg running The Book in the Old House and Matt Goodall running When Comes the Moon, to show off the awesome adventures coming your way. We’ll continue releasing the individual adventures as they are ready, including having our initial adventures ready for release at GenCon, and as things get close to completion we’ll be planning a Kickstarter launch later this year to create a killer compilation version of the entire saga for all three systems! This AP is going to come in like a wrecking ball… or maybe more like a WRECKING VAMPIRE!!!