A second look at Lanterngeist!

Good horror inspires a feeling of familiarity mixed with strangeness… or, more to the point, wrongness. It places happiness alongside awfulness, and lulls you into a sense of comfort before springing the horror on you with both barrels. That’s where Feasting at Lanterngeist is going to be a lot of fun for people and why we are excited to bring it to you. The adventure takes place during the eponymous festival of Lanterngeist, and while players are naturally suspicious of everything, at first nothing seems terribly out of the ordinary in this quaint little village. Just the right night for party. Perhaps the PCs should join in. A little music. A little dancing. What could possibly go wrong… 

Such merriment! Surely nothing could spoil the fun!

Such merriment! Surely nothing could spoil the fun!


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