A perfect path preview for Wile E. Coyote, SUPER GENIUS!

We’ve had a Path of Villainswe’ve had a Path of Dragonsand we’ve had a Path of the Stranger! But what else could we possibly add to the panoply of mythic options available to characters as they follow their path? Maybe the kind of path for a character like this…

Mythic Path - Genius

What is this guy doing, anyway? Is it magic? Is it mysticism? Is it medicine?  Perhaps it Is simply the power of the mind, the power of someone who walks… the Path of the Genius! 


In classic fantasy roleplaying games, the most intelligent characters have always been the mighty wizards of the world, bending their will alongside their intellect to plumbing the eldritch mysteries of the universe and unpacking the nature of reality in its their wondrous detail. It is only through such careful study of the fundaments that wizards are able to tell the laws of physics and chemistry to bend, break, and reshape themselves at their command. Wizards were the most intelligent people, and the most intelligent people were wizards. Sure, you might have the occasional crusty sage secreted away in ancient his library, a keen-eyed philosopher king who masters both ancient lore and modern advances, or a merchant or councilor of surpassing cleverness and guile, but they were the exceptions that proved the rule. As fantasy has evolved, however, that equation of intelligence with wizardry is no longer the case, and that is the purpose of this book.


Path of the Genius is designed to help build characters who achieve immortality and legendary status not so much for their raw personal power but for their intellect itself. They may be researchers or writers, spreading ideas to the far corners of the world that plant the seeds of change wherever they are heard or read or understood. They may be naturalists and explorers, insightful observers into the world around them as it exists, or they may be forward-thinking futurists and experimenters always pushing the envelope of the possible. Their areas of specialization and study range from ancient history to advanced technology, from clockworks and alchemy to manipulation of fundamental forces like electromagnetism and gravity. Equal parts archivist and tinker, from calm loremasters to raving mad scientists, a genius adapts the knowledge of the past and applies it to new situations and new opportunities for breakthroughs. A genius is a character whose mind is her ultimate weapon and who has never met a problem she could not think her way through. A genius is always thinking, always imagining, always listening, always recording, always planning, and always ready to try something new.


Check back tomorrow for a complete listing of the fantastical powers wielded by a genius of legendary proportions!