A peek Beyond the Void!

As we approach completion on our latest contribution to spreading cosmic horror far and wide in your game, it seemed like a good time to whet your appetite for the publication of Beyond the Void! So what exactly can you expect to find within these pages, aside from the usual Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know? Let me tell you about… the archetypes!

Alienist (summoner archetype) – Where other summoners tap into the boundless power of the planes to draw forth their minions and to form their eidolon, an alienist stretches forth his power through impossible angles into the endless reaches of space and the far, twisted corners of reality. Archetype abilities: summon star-spawn, eldritch lore, alien explorer, terrible witness, stargate. Your eidolon also gets in on the alien goodies with alien anatomy, emotionless, extra tentacles, and unnatural fear.

Bathynaut (alchemist archetype) – While elder things and alien entities often predated the rise of civilization, many were known and even venerated in long-fallen antediluvian civilizations whose cities and nations have long since vanished beneath the waves in legendary cataclysms long past. Bathynauts are scholars and explorers of the abyssal deeps of the world’s oceans, probing the oozy rifts of the ocean floor to find the lost relics of ancient cultures touched by visitors from beyond, often becoming tainted themselves by their discoveries of secrets better left buried beneath the waves. Archetype abilities: aquatic apparatus, slippery swimmer, eldritch explorer, aquatic enchantment, submersible suit.

Deviant (wizard archetype) – You have studied deeply the splicing and joining of tissues, whether naturally evolving or never born together, looking for the fingerprints of the elder things and their genetic tampering that caused the races and creatures of this world to be. You have made those secrets your own, creating your own unnatural abominations. Archetype abilities: mutagen, mutated minion, mutation mastery, persistent mutagen.

Iridic Mage (wizard archetype) – The iconography of eyes is ubiquitous among those studying the farthest alien realms, whether a single great all-seeing orb, or multitudinous eyes rippling over deliquescent and shapeless elder things. Iridic mages seek out hidden residues of alien presences, some seeking to serve and others to slay, but always to know. The eyes of iridic mages are always on the heavens, keeping watch should the space-gods ever return, for good or more likely to the ruin of all. Archetype abilities: bonded sign, light of revelation, piercing gaze.

Of course, there’s more. SO MUCH MORE! But that’s for another preview!


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