A new doorway is about to open. You only need… the ki!

This week we are proud to bring forth to you the latest of our Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins, Meditations of the Imperial Mystics. Like its predecessor in the horror domain, Tomes of Arcane Knowledge, this product contains a collection of richly textured books of magical lore, though like the Tomes some of them are not books at all! Secrets of the mystic arts can hardly be bound only between two covers, now can they?

These Meditations open up a number of realms of magical insights fairly dripping with the flavors of the Orient. Some of these secrets are spells in the traditional sense, but many also build directly or indirectly upon the power of ki, especially the expanded ki rules and options introduced in The Way of Ki. This product can absolutely stand on its own without that companion product–the Ki Meditation feat and a brief synopsis of the expanded ki rules are contained herein, all that is needed to use this product by itself–but the two products do work together beautifully, building on one another to elucidate the mystic powers of ki from the simple to the esoteric.

This product is in final layout now, and I will post a small sampling of rules soon, but for now enjoy Frank Hessefort’s incredible cover illustration.


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