A final preview for Imperial Heroes, and an announcement!

We have been running an ongoing series of previews for the art to come in Neil Spicer’s Imperial Heroes, and here we are proud to present the final evolution of Jin Thiesson, as she will appear in her full-color glory, laid out beautifully by the amazing Tim Wickham. Feast your eyes!

"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!"

We hope to deliver this terrific product to you as soon as possible, but there have been unfortunate delays with certain aspects of the product. However, once more into the breach steps the inimitable Mr. Spicer, who has not been idle waiting for Imperial Heroes to see the light of day.

Being the writing machine that he is, Neil has already blasted out the text for Conquering Heroes, the next product in this series! Yes, what has been long rumored is true: The next line of Adventure Path Plug-Ins from Legendary Games will be in support of campaigns and adventures designed around exploration, conquest, and the making of kings!

Not only will this product feature the same dynamite detail for which Neil is justifiably legendary, but we are also delighted to announce that Hugo Solis will be returning to illustrate Conquering Heroes, delivering the same fantastic character interpretations that he brings to all of his art, including the original characters from Gothic Heroes!

We are not done with our Far East AP Plug-Ins, not by a long shot, but we look forward to dropping this bundle of awesome in your laps next month.


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