A birthday revelation and a Memorial Day savings salute!

One of the products we’ve previewed for you here is the upcoming Beyond the Bright Veil,  much of which is being written by master of all things planar and mystical, Todd Stewart. However, this product also marks the Legendary Games print debut of Russ Taylor, not only a superstar veteran himself but also a regular on all of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardback rulebooks. While Russ has been helping behind the scenes at Legendary Games since last year’s PaizoCon, he is also bringing his crunchtastic skills and vision to Beyond the Bright Veil, incorporating a hefty helping of innovative rules options to flesh out Todd’s text, including new sorcerer bloodlines and character archetypes that bring some fantastic new opportunities for fey-themed characters to really shine. Since today is Russ’ birthday, we at Legendary Games want to offer him a hearty high-five as we look forward to bringing the products of his imagination to you!

Speaking of people that we like to salute, at Legendary Games we also include our men and women in the armed forces. On long deployments, RPGs are a popular way to pass the time, and we certainly want to support any and every one of them in all that they do, with well wishes for a safe return. Besides just offering our thanks and appreciation, Legendary Games is also offering a special coupon code for a one-day sale this Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th. If you are a current or former member of any branch of the armed services (or the spouse or partner of one), not just in the United States but in any country, enter the coupon code MemorialSalute for a 25% discount on any product from Legendary Games. You serve with honor and we respect the honor system and we ask that all our customers do as well.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone from Legendary Games!