Another 5-star seal of approval for “To Serve a Prince Undying”

The latest in our Gothic Grimoires series, To Serve a Prince Undying, has been winning the hearts of fans and critics alike. The latest to chime in with a ringing endorsement is the illustrious Endzeitgeist.

This grimore is an interesting tractate that ideologically serves as a justification for adhering strictly to an amoral chain of command under an immortal god-king. As such, it has the potential of inciting a psychosis that makes you Lawful evil, and as a grand innovation, offers us also an expertly-written excerpt from the pages of the tome.

Mechanically, he praises the integration of a wide variety of options for antipaladins, cavaliers, inquisitors, ninjas, and rogues, ranging from judgments to vows, from mind-control drugs to mystical powers of ki and spells, all forming “a grand web of complex and cool mechanics.”

The Gothic Grimoire-series kicks onward with yet another all killer, no filler offering, doing extremely smart things with the rules – the way judgments and ki-points are linked and modified, how the new abilities modify what’s there is smart, cool and awesome in every way conceivable.

You can read his full review on his website.

Place your right hand on the book, and solemnly swear...

Place your right hand on the book, and solemnly swear…