5E Monsters are Coming in from the Cold!

After a long time brewing, Legendary Games is just about ready to unveil Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex (5E), a beautiful bestiary of brand-new 5th Edition foes just perfect for those overland journeys and dangerous expeditions into the wild woodlands beyond civilization’s reach! This book features 10 fantastic foes, evenly divided between fey spirits bursting with the raw and wild energies of life and vile undead seething with the power of death. Drawing upon real-world folklore, classic fantasy tropes, and the design skills of the top creative minds in the business, the Coldwood Codex is an indispensable addition to any GM’s monster toolkit! This product includes not only full-page color player-friendly handout portraits but also foldable paper miniatures for every creature! Here’s what you’ll find within these pages!

Creatures by Challenge

2- Bokereyder

3- Totemoq

4- Wight, Boreal

7 – Naekk

5 – Ugrohter

11 – Wight, Barrow

13 – Amadan

14 – Slough

16 – Faleich-Wyrm

18 – Chernobog

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Of course, we wouldn’t want to leave you without a preview of the Coldwood Codex! Every creature has an array of interesting abilities and dastardly tricks up their sleeves, and each also is infused with flavor and background details that cry out to be built around in a campaign. These creatures can have an impact on the campaign that extends beyond the reach of their sword arm, and we’ll preview one of them below.

barrowwight final


A Barrow Wight’s Lair

The bleak moods of a barrow wight influence the natural world around its barrow as well, allowing them to maintain a rather dismal demesne if they so choose. Cannier barrow wights, however, create pleasant conditions to lure the unwary into their domain, before a sudden change in the weather swathes their land in chill winds, clinging fogs, or driving rain. Lost and terrified victims seeking shelter may be taken captive, spirited away beneath the hills and cairns and turned into living dead bound to the wight’s will. Barrow wights sometimes release their captives after a dream-haunted slumber, imparting a bit of their deathless shadow into the target’s heart, soul, and mind and corrupting their thoughts and dreams from afar. These unfortunates become the barrow wight’s unwitting pawns in undermining its enemies in the waking world or just in sowing misery and despair. Perhaps cruelest of all are those the barrow wight turns loose after their capture, allowing them to hope for rescue or escape from their living nightmare if only they could find their way out of the wight’s necropolis, but the twisted enchantments laid on the wight’s barrow subtly steer disoriented victims right back into the dread creature’s clutches.


Lair Actions

The barrow wight may take a lair action to cause one of the following effects on Initiative count 20 (losing ties).

  • The barrow wight creates fog as though it had cast the fog cloud The fog lasts until the end of initiative count 20 on the next round.
  • The barrow wight animates the spirits of the former servants buried with it. The spirits attack one creature that the barrow wight can see within 60 feet. The target must make DC 17 Constitution save against the attack. On a failed save, the target takes 6d6 (21) necrotic damage and is weakened. Weakened targets make Strength and Dexterity checks and saving throws at disadvantage until the end of initiative count 20 on the next round. A successful save reduces the damage to half (10) and prevents the weakening.
  • The barrow wight knows the exact location of any creature within 6-miles of its barrow that is carrying an item stolen from the wight.

Regional Effects

The region around the barrow wight’s lair is subject to the emotional whims of the creature, creating the following effects:

  • The barrow wight can alter the weather within 6-miles of its barrow. This effect is identical to the control weather
  • The barrow wight can pierce the veil between the Material plane and the Ethereal within 6-miles of its barrow, causing visions of dead spirits to appear in the region. These spirits are typically mindless husks posing no physical threat to Material world, but a creature encountering one or more of these spirits makes saves against fear effects at disadvantage while in the region.

The barrow wight can alter the appearance of the terrain within a 6-mile radius centered on its barrow. This effect is identical to the hallucinatory terrain spell.