5E Friday is Fantasy Grounds Friday! And To Kill a Star comes next!

We have just about all of our artwork and bonus content in to begin compiling our massive Ultimate Kingdoms hardback kickstarted earlier this summer to bring an awesome new resource for building and managing your own kingdoms and unleashing war upon the world to defend them! You can start with the base rules in Kingdoms (5E) and broaden through 8 more expansion modules like Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Strongholds, and more, and while these are great in print and in PDF, we know some of you love virtual tabletop access, and we are delighted to provide that to you through our partners at Fantasy Grounds! Kingdoms (5E) has been a best seller there, and we are excited to bring much more of the lineup to you there and on Steam, with Ultimate Commander already finished and cycling through approvals and with Ultimate Factions and Ultimate Ships already underway! We hope you check them all out and have a truly Legendary weekend!

Ultimate Rulership

Ultimate Rulership on Steam

Ultimate Battle

Ultimate Battle on Steam

Ultimate Relationships

Ultimate Relationships on Steam

Ultimate War

Ultimate War on Steam

Also, for those who love a great high-level adventure, we recently released our biggest adventure ever, the monster 166-page Legendary Planet: To Kill a Star (5E), to our Kickstarter backers, and it’s coming soon to everyone in wide release. This incredible high-level module brings new monsters, magic and technology, rules for adventuring in space and even into the depths of a living star, and a truly insane thrill ride for high-level adventurers that can end any campaign with a bang! You can check out the entire Legendary Planet Adventure Path and its amazing array of support projects like the Alien Bestiary, Stargates, and the Legendary Worlds series for 5th Edition right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!