Spectacular Bundles for Spectacular People!

I can’t say enough good things about Owen KC Stephens as both a game designer and a person. If you’ve met him or known him, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, take the word of an entire community that has been doing its best to rally behind him as he’s been dealing with an absolute avalanche of health care issues. YOU can help too by picking up this new charity book Like a Bossfull of amazing boss fights for multiple game systems by a ton of terrific designers you know and love! It’s been set up for charity so 95% of the proceeds go directly to Owen. We appreciate him and we appreciate each of you who can swing by and grab a copy. PLUS, the book keeps getting better with even more contributions coming in July!

Grab a copy today and Make Your Game Legendary by helping out a TRUE LEGEND!

Legendary Games also has a long history of LGBTQ+ contributors throughout the years who have helped make our products amazing like Vanessa Hoskins, David Ross, Wren Roy, Wren Brown, Noam Fritts, and many more, including folks working right now on our Mediterranean Monsters 5E Kickstarter launching tomorrow like Paco Garcia-Reed Jaen and Michael Jaecks aka Jackal Chemise!

We appreciate the contributions of these amazing creators not just to our company but to the RPG community as a whole, and we were delighted to respond when our friends at DrivethruRPG sent out the call to create some spectacular Pride Month mega-bundles to support Tabletop Gaymers and all the work they do in our community! We were hardly alone, of course, and in fact the response was so great that they ended up making TWO mega-bundles instead of just one, and we’ve got LG products in each one! You can grab a ton of terrific products for multiple systems at almost 90% off right here in the Gayming with Pride 2023 Prismatic Bundle and the Gayming with Pride 2023 Kaleidoscope Bundle, and if for some reason you don’t want to SAVE HUGE on gaming stuff and just want to make a donation to Tabletop Gaymers, you also can do that right here! As someone with a number of folks in my family who are LGBTQ+ family, on top of just knowing so many terrific folks of every stripe in the gaming business and fandom, I’m always delighted to support the community wherever we can, and this is a great chance for you to do the same and also SAVE HUGE ON AWESOME GAMING PRODUCTS! What could be more Legendary than that?

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