Asian Monsters launches tomorrow! And the Rultmoork KS is already here!

The wait is almost over, as the Asian Monsters QUICK-STARTER launches tomorrow morning! We have been reviewing final tweaks on the Kickstarter page, getting all of the fantastic add-ons (including VTT support for Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, and Shard), but you can still sign up for immediate notification when we launch right here!

That said, Asian Monsters doesn’t launch until tomorrow! Meanwhile, my brother-from-another-mother in the gaming business is Jonathan Nelson from AAW Games, and we gamer J-Nelsons definitely like to work together! He has built an awesome product catalog with Adventure A Week and they’ve done a ton of big projects too, like Rise of the Drow. They’ve just launched their latest awesome adventure for DnD 5E that he’s been working on for three years and they just launched this week: RULTMOORK!

This deluxe adventure features a classic crawl through an ancient temple complex atop a monolithic spire, where an age ago, the land itself died. The adventure is set up to be played combat heavy or leaning more on exploration and investigation, with a dungeon that reacts and responds to what your heroes do! You can get it in PDF, standard hardcover, deluxe hardcover, or in a spectacular boxed set complete with dice, tokens, pawns, handouts, and more in the tradition of the best of old-school AD&D 2nd Edition boxes that gamers like me knew and loved like Dragon Mountain, Ruins of Undermountain, and Return to the Tomb of Horrors!If you’re looking for an awesome new adventure, by all means please do check out the Rultmoork Kickstarter and all the other awesome stuff that AAW Games has in their catalog!

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