Mythos Monsters is here, and Asian Monsters QUICK-Starter is coming September 1st!

With all books off to backers, Mythos Monsters is now yours for Pathfinder 1E and Pathfinder 2E (and for DnD 5E too!) Within this tome of terrors, you’ll find over 80 cosmic horrors, mythos minions, eldritch entities, and Great Old Ones, including mythic monsters and psionic creatures for PF1 and an awesome array of variants for PF2, including dream flumphs, neothelid psions, elder shoggoths, and intellect devourer pack leaders! You’ll also find terrific templates to turn ordinary monsters into pseudonatural abominations from beyond the stars and find bonus spells and feats too!
Mythos Monsters PF1: Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, DrivethruRPG
Mythos Monsters PF2: Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Amazon, DrivethruRPG
Mythos Monsters 5E: Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG 
Plus, we’ve got the 5E version available now in VTT for Roll20 and Shard (plus a VTT Token Pack at DrivethruRPG) and coming as soon as it gets uploaded and processed at Fantasy Grounds and Foundry, with a Foundry PF2 version coming soon as well!

Plus, as one Quickstarter ends, the next one begins – as ASIAN MONSTERS for DnD 5E and Pathfinder 1E & 2E launches in ONE WEEK!

Sign up now and get notified when we go live next Thursday, September 1st! 

Asian Monsters is a 100+ page bestiary featuring nearly 100 incredible creatures drawn from the myths and legends of Asia. Researched and developed with a diverse team of authors, artists, and cultural consultants, you’ll find an awesome array of enemies and allies from Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam, as well as nations of the western Pacific like Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines, beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash in your campaign, and you can get it for DnD 5E, Pathfinder 1E, and Pathfinder 2E, including VTT support on Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry, and Shard! 
Within these pages, you’ll find creatures to challenge any adventurer, from minor menaces like the kyeryong and kappa to gargantuan sea monsters like the doom-bringing umibozu and the death-whale bakekujira. The restless dead are found here in plenty, with a variety of gwishin and gaki alongside deadlier foes like the jiang-shi, bhuta, and manananggal.
This is a QUICKSTARTER project, lasting just three weeks, but we don’t just mean a quick campaign. Quick means your PDFs will be available immediately after the campaign ends and all print books and add-ons ship out as soon as our Backerkit surveys are completed! If you want to add amazing assortment of monsters to your campaign, you need to get this beautiful full-color bestiary for your 5E or Pathfinder game, whichever version you like best, or get two or ALL THREE! It all launches September 1st – sign up today!

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